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Top 5 Best Unique Bongs for 2019

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Top 5 Best Unique Bongs for 2019
Unique bongs have a way of capturing your attention and imagination. They can give your session a different dimension of visual entertainment and experience that you won’t get from a scientific bong. For those who are looking for the coolest and most unique water bongs, here’s our top list for 2019!

empire glassworks sprinkled donut mini diffused downstem bong 5.5 inch

Empire Glassworks Sprinkled Donut Bong 5.5"

Fun and colorful, you’ll immediately think about your favorite iced donut with candy sprinkles on top. The craftsmanship in this bong is amazing. You have donuts as your mouthpiece, bowl, and perc! It’s a bong that will give you a rich experience, with its diffused downstem that filters and smoothens smoke. Made from high-quality, durable borosilicate glass, you’ll be amazed at how this delicious looking bong can deliver. When you hear Empire Glassworks, expect to get unique water bongs that have unparalleled lampworking detail paired with unquestionable functionality. As long as you got something from them, you know you have a one-of-a-kind bong in your hand.

Penis Bong

This one tops the list for unique bongs! Whether it’s made of glass, stone, or silicone, this bong can turn on your sesh in more ways than one. It’s a dong that you can whip out without any embarrassment. Oddly enough, this penis bong works like a charm! Pulling from the bong only has a bit of resistance, and the hits are as bold as it looks. It’s one bong that makes a great conversational piece and will always bring out the laughs in giggles from everyone. What do people say about this bong? It’s surprisingly functional and can hit you hard! The flavor is also great and it’s a fun bong to use for any occasion.

The penis bong is a bong that’s got the balls to give your session a wild side like no other could! If you want to liven up a party, this is a bong you’d want to bring. Warning: if you’re giving this as a gag gift, you may want to order two of these. You’ll be hard-pressed to keep one for yourself for other smoking occasions.

silicone army tank bong with 14mm glass male herb slide 6 inchSilicone Army Tank Bong 6”

Tough it out, soldier! Go on a mission to get that punch in the face hits with this Silicone Army Tank Bong. What we like about it is the tank body that means serious smoking business. Oh, and the fact that it’s made with durable, food-grade silicone. You won’t taste plastic whenever you take a hit, unlike other poorly made silicone bongs in your gas station store. With its broad base and trumpet-style mouthpiece, hitting this bong is comfortable and easy. If things get rowdy and crazy with your friends, never fear. This bong is going to remain standing even after you and your comrades have fallen – in a good way, of course. It comes with an herb slide

The small size makes it perfect for traveling, too! Just pack the herb slide carefully and shove the bong in your bag, and you’re ready on your next mission.

Octopus Bong

If you love sea creatures, this unique water bong is a great addition to your collection. 8” tall, it rips big and hard, a true testament to its monstrous representation. Made with durable borosilicate glass, you’ll instantly feel its quality upon the first touch. Hits are smooth and bold, with a sturdy base and long mouthpiece for comfortable use. The diffuser downstem does a great job in filtering your smoke, giving you the pure, clean taste of your herbs. Beautifully hand-made, this is one Krakken that can give you a hit like no other. The hits are smooth and you won’t get a lot of resistance from using this bong.

Microscope Bong

This is an amazing custom made bong like no other. Just look at the artistic detail on this piece. The glass is decorated with peacock eye patterns for accents. The curved handle makes it easy for you to carry this obviously heavy piece around the room. The base holds just the right amount of water for smooth, cool hits, and it’s got a thick straight mouthpiece for easy rips. This unique bong will definitely stand out in the aesthetic department.

These bongs are super cool and functional. The unique appearance makes them stand out from the rest, and they are more than just for looks. Are you still looking for unique water bongs to bring to your next party? Click here and feel free to browse in our collection! You may end up checking out a bong or two later!

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