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What Is A Tree Arm Perc Bong and How Does It Work?

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What Is A Tree Arm Perc Bong and How Does It Work?

You cannot discuss bong percolation without touching the subject of the tree arm perc bong. Did you see the video by Purr Glass? The tree perc bong is an intricate glass piece that requires skill to create. It’s one of the most popular perc bongs in the market. Why? Because it offers one of the smoothest and coolest hits that even expert bong users love. Let’s talk more about it so you can understand what it is, and what makes it a must-have piece in your bong collection.

What is a tree arm perc bong?

Ever see a bong that has something inside that resembles a tree with several delicate arms hanging down around? That intricate piece is a tree arm perc, one of the best and most efficient percolators. The tree perc bong has the main stem at the center that serves as a bridge to either the water chamber or the fixed downstem. The tube terminates to a hollow dome that has arms descending down deep in the water.

When you get a tree arm perc it usually comes in 4, 6, 8, and even 12 arms like this Pulsar Boro Glass 14mm Female Tree Perc Beaker Bong. However, take a look at the arms and compare them to those attached in this Pulsar 4-arm Tree Perc Bong with Ice Catcher. Notice that the 12-arm perc bong has thinner, more delicate arms compared to the 4-arm perc bong? The glass blower needs to decrease the size of the arms to accommodate the number of arms added. Imagine what the perc would look like and how difficult it will be to chug through a pipe with a large chamber if the arms follow a standard size. You won’t be able to achieve optimal diffusion and percolation this way.

How does a tree arm perc bong work?

The center of the tree perc is a big hollow tube where the smoke goes in and up towards the dome. From there, the smoke goes down and separates as it goes inside the arms. This split increases the surface area of the smoke before it goes through the arm slits. Each of the arms can have 2-3 slits which incrementally increases the smoke’s surface area further, forming a massive amount of bubbles. The more arms your tree perc has, the more bubbles you will get.

Of course, more bubbles means there’s a significant amount of percolation going on. Think about how you brew your coffee in the morning. You have solid particles and to get all that delicious caffeine essence, your coffee maker has to drip water on your coffee grounds. The coffee filter prevents the solid particles from falling into your carafe (the glass kettle of your coffee percolator). All you get is pure, smooth liquid coffee that. You can take in easily at your leisure because it’s free of debris.

The same process happens with the tree arm perc. As the smoke diffuses, through the arms and slits, the tree arm perc filters. It eliminates combusted materials like tar, resin, and ash from your herbs. This gives you clean smoke that is safer for your throat and lungs. You get a comfortable session that you can enjoy and extend further than your usual sesh.

As the smoke diffuses, it percolates underwater. The tree perc also effectively cools down the smoke before it goes up the pipe. This cooling down feature is a great advantage for those who cough a lot even with the smallest hits from a bong. You can feel the difference in your rips with the Diamond Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Straight Tube Bong, which gives you a great bubble action going as you chug. With each pop of the bubble, smoke gets moisturized, and you have one of the smoothest bong experiences.

How to fill a tree arm perc bong

6-arm tree perc diffused downstem beaker bong 12 inch 6-Arm Tree Arm Perc Diffused Downstem Beaker Bong 12″

First-time smokers will look at this bong like it’s from another planet. Especially if there are multiple percs included in the bong. What you need to consider is that all the slits of the perc are under water. To fill a tree arm perc bong:

  1. Place the bong on top of a stable surface.

  2. Get a pitcher of water and pour it through the mouthpiece.

  3. Continue to pour water until it pours down to the percs and water chamber below.

  4. Continue to pour until the slits of the downstem are all under water.

  5. Blow through the mouthpiece if water refuses to go down the lower chambers.

  6. Check the amount of water by going eye level at each chamber.

  7. If you’re using the ice catcher in the smoke chamber, slightly underfill the tree arm perc bong’s water chamber. This is to give room for the water to increase volume as the ice melts.

  8. Make a pull test. If you get splashed, lessen the amount of water in the perc by blowing.

Now that you’ve filled your tree arm perc bong, it’s ready to show how good it is for your sesh.

How is the tree arm perc bong when it comes to taste?

Your smoke will taste cleaner and smoother with the tree arm perc bong because of its efficient filtration. It’s the best choice for beginners as well as experts who have sensitive throat and lungs. Why? Because of the cool and moisturized smoke. Heavy chuggers will benefit especially with the Glowfly Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Bong because of the stacked tree arm percs that can percolate as well as control the smoke to keep getting overwhelmed.

The harshest smoke will smoothen considerably. However, excessive filtration may also filter out the flavor of your herb or concentrate. If you’re after smooth hits and won’t mind missing a layer of flavor, the tree arm perc bong is just right for you.

Now that know what a tree arm per bong is and how it works. Please take a look at our selection. We have a carefully chosen collection of tree arm perc bongs to make a choice easy and stress-free. Click here now and get the best tree arm perc bong for your smoking arsenal.


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