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How Do You Use A Helix Bong?

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How Do You Use A Helix Bong?
A helix bong is a beautiful smoking device, thanks to the gorgeous Venturi effect. The bong created a different level of design and experience to scientific bongs. It’s probably the most advanced bong designs, using the laws of physics to help filter and cool down smoke.

Using a helix bong

Using the helix bong means taking advantage of the Venturi chamber. It’s a chamber that provides a connection as well as a choke between the upper and lower chambers of the bong. There’s a change in airspeed and pressure which results in a tornado effect when smoke passes through that Venturi chamber. With the added angled slits at the base of the smoke chamber, air swirls with the smoke making it easy to inhale.

However, there’s a trick to using the helix bong to get the most out of it and get it working the way it should.

  1. Fill up the base with enough water to cover 2 inches of the downstem. Make sure all the slits are fully submerged underwater.

  2. Pack your bowl with your desired herb and insert it to the joint

  3. Take a slow, steady drag through the mouthpiece and light up your herb.

  4. Maintain an even steady and firm suction as you drag through the mouthpiece.

  5. Milk is going to collect on the lower chamber. Don’t force it to go up yet. Wait until you got a good amount of smoke in the bottom chamber.

  6. Once you got enough smoke, maintain your steady pressure and release the bowl.

  7. Draw in and watch the smoke swirl around inside the upper Venturi chamber.


Can I do a hard draw?

You can do a hard draw when you take a rip out of your helix bong. However, you won’t get to appreciate that kind of swirl effect that is the essence of the bong. You’ll clear out the smoke, definitely, but what you’ll get is like hitting from a bong with no percs. Or worse, it’s going to be like hitting from a dry pipe.

What’s the difference? A steady drag produces that tornado which spins the smoke endlessly. This action helps cool down the smoke, and further mixes with air. Hits are smooth and cool, and you don’t have to worry about your herbs losing any medicinal or recreational effects.

When you hit hard, you limit the smoke’s air exposure. It spins a bit, but it goes straight up to your mouth. That totally defeats the purpose of your helix bong. Smoke is going to hit your hard and harsh compared to hitting the bong right.

Can you take a Helix Bong?

There’s an interesting thread archive that contains several reasons why hitting the Helix bong right is critical for your smoking experience. Some way it does not work, others say it does. What we do know is that GRAVS is serious about their bong designs. The GRAV Labs Helix Bong won’t be around for several years with a cult following if it’s not effective. You’ll be getting one of your hardest hits from this bong, and it’s a great glass pipe for those who don’t want to deal with too much water and percs.

Have you tried using the Helix bong? Please share with us your experience in the comment section below!


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