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4 Easy Pipe Screen Tips for Ash Free Smoking

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4 Easy Pipe Screen Tips for Ash Free Smoking
You got a pipe screen to help keep getting nasty debris mixed in with your smoke. It’s highly effective, but you just can’t seem to keep it in place. Or it seems to be blocking the air flow and you have to suck hard to get the smoke from the bowl. Here are tips to help you get the most out of your pipe screen and get a better smoking experience from your pipe.

Check the size

Did you experience your pipe screen popping out of your bowl? Or does it sink deep in your bowl but doesn’t seem to be doing much work in keeping you from inhaling ash? Chances are, your pipe screen is either too big or too small.

Flat metal pipe screens give you the advantage of cutting off the edges to make them fit inside your pipe bowl perfectly. You can use small wire cutters or a pair of sharp (and strong) scissors to trim the edges. You can chip off small portions from the pipe screen instead of cutting out a large chunk off to achieve the right size for your bowl. Yes, it does take time, but you will save up on screens because cutting it to scale is more accurate this way. Check the size now and then by fitting it inside the bowl. If you press it inside and it does not resist too much or bounce back abruptly, you got the right fit.

Of course, you can’t do this technique on framed metal screens or glass screens.

Is it appropriate for your pipe?

About the previous tip, see if your pipe screen is appropriate for your bowl. Pipe bowl anatomy differs from pipe to pipe. In general, hand pipes have their airway ducts a little above the bottom. So if you’re going to use this beautiful Cherry Wood Engraved Traditional Tobacco Shire Pipe, you should get a mouldable or a bowl-shaped metal screen. These screens can cover the bowl up to the side where the air duct is located, something that flat metal and glass pipe screens can’t do.

On the other hand, bong, bubbler, and Sherlock pipe bowls have their airway openings at the bottom. These bowls are pretty much universal in terms of pipe screen use. You can use flat and bowl-type metal screens, as well as a flower or jack-shaped glass pipe screens. These glass screens have a leg at the bottom that inserts to the hole of your bowl to keep it secure. This is

Push it down

Pipe screens should be at the same shape as your bowl. Hold the pipe with one hand and use the other hand to add the screen. Push the screen inside the bowl using your pointing finger until it sinks low inside the bowl snugly. The screen should follow the same shape as your bowl. Don’t worry if you got a little space at the bottom. As long as the screen is snug and you’ve got adequate room for a good pack, It’s okay. This is especially useful for pipes with small air holes.

However, if you’re using a bowl-shaped metal screen or a flower/daisy glass screen, a simple drop and a gentle nudge are all you need. Sometimes it’s not even required. Push down a glass screen too hard, and you’ll be breaking off an arm or two. Doing so will make your glass screen useless and possibly even clog your pipe.

Clean or replace your pipe screens

If you’re using a glass bong like the Grav Unique Disc Percr Recycler Bong with Klein Drain a lot with a pipe screen, your screen is going to be full of dirt and resin. That is going to interfere with the taste of your smoke, and even block the air flow. You have to take the screen out and clean it.

If you’re using a metal screen, take out an old toothbrush and scrape off the residue. You can also grip the screen with fine-tip long-nose pliers. Then proceed to flame it with a jet lighter, torch, or a gas stove until it glows red-hot. Blow on the screen or let it cool down a bit before wiping it with a piece of cloth. Be careful, though, because the resin can stain your clothes. Whatever you do, don’t use alcohol or metal cleaners. Alcohol can corrode the metal screen, and metal cleaners will leave harmful residue.

Metal pipe screens are often subject to wear and tear as well because of the fine mesh. Too much heat and frequent use and cleaning, or careless manipulation can ruin its filtering capacity. It’s better to replace it if you know that even the most straightforward cleaning is pointless.

Glass screens are relatively easier to maintain. All you have to do is soak it in 90% alcohol solution for 15-30 minutes, or overnight if the resin is too thick. We don’t recommend waiting for this to happen, in any case. Since the glass screen’s foot is inserted inside the hole of the bowl, a thick resin can cause blockage and even make it hard for you to remove the screen.

To keep your getting the best out of your pipe screen, Clean or replace it after 3-4 uses.

A pipe screen is designed to make your smoking experience easy and convenient. We hope that these tips were able to help you use your pipe screens effectively for your bong, hand pipe, or bubbler.

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