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What is a 6-foot bong?

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What is a 6-foot bong?

As the name implies, a six-foot bong is a bong that measures six feet in length. The question one ought to be asking is, “Why would you need a six-foot bong?” The answer is simple; for the “wow” factor. Form does not follow function here, as a 6-foot bong isn’t practical. However, you will hardly be pressed to find anyone who won’t be impressed by the sight of this monster bong.

How do you hit a six-foot bong?

This can be a bit tough compared to your run-off-the-mill bong. You will need anything to give you that much-needed elevation to stand over the bong. A sturdy chair, a table, a flight of stairs, or anything else that comes in handy. Make sure that it is stable and well balanced and that you can keep yourself and the bong from falling over. You wouldn’t want to injure yourself or you buddies while chilling out and taking a few hits.

The cost?

Obviously, these ginormous bongs don’t come cheap. Glass is much more expensive than acrylic, so go for the less expensive option when you want to buy one of these mega bongs. If money is no object, buy one of those fancy glass ones.

6-foot bong

Compared to smaller bongs, the range of choices is limited. Most of these are made to order, especially with the glass one. Just like bespoke 3-piece suits, you can have these bongs custom made to practically any kind of color and design you want.

The price of a glass bong starts somewhere around $ 450.As not all acrylic bongs are made equal, some six-footers may also reach the $ 300 mark.

Expensive? Certainly. But if you want to impress your buddies, then this 6-foot bong is the way to go.

Cleaning up

This can be quite a chore, as that length of plumbing will take more elbow grease to get the job done. Just like any other bong, keeping this one clean is very necessary. Granted, you may not use it as often as other bongs in your set, but you do need to keep it sparkling clean. You wouldn’t want your guest to see smudges on your novelty bong when it’s their turn to take a hit.

How do you store it?

Keeping it lying around somewhere isn’t the way to go with a six-foot bong. It’s best to keep it well propped in a corner where it is well supported and out of harm's way. Find the least used or visited place in your crib and keep it there. You wouldn’t want some folks getting a hold of it out of curiosity and breaking the thing to pieces.

Should you buy a 6-foot bong?

A three- or four-foot bong is much more useable and practical, but it pales in comparison with the sight of a six-foot bong. Not many can claim to own a six-footer in their bong collection. Bragging rights aside, it’s about owning something which many won’t likely have. That’s the reason why some would want to own one.

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