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What is a Glow in the Dark Bong, and How Do You Use It?

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What is a Glow in the Dark Bong, and How Do You Use It?
Do you remember that fantastic party that you’ve been to, and you enter this dark room filled with UV lights? All of a sudden, your friend whips out this glow in the dark bong out of nowhere, totally transforming your sesh.

Empire Glassworks Oak Tree Perc 14mm Female Mini Bong 6.75 inch Feel like you’re in an ethereal realm as you smoke this Nova Oak Glow in the Dark Bong

What is a glow in the dark bong?

Others also call this type of bong a UV reactive glass bong. It’s like your regular glass bong, but the only difference is that you have a phosphorescent glass material. By adding

Depending on the level of skill and creativity of the glassblower, the phosphorescence can be found throughout the bong, or in specific shapes, patterns, and adornments.

Take, for example, this Pulsar UV Green mini bong. It glows from the mouth down to the neck, and from the joint straight to the downstem. The water chamber is the only part that doesn’t glow. Imagine what this piece would look like if it’s entirely phosphorescent.

It’s going to be plain and boring, right? The glass artisan needs to create patterns and shapes to make a glow in the dark water bong interesting and stimulating during your session. Something that Empire Glassworks took seriously with their Nova Oak Tree Perk Bong.

What makes them glow?

Water pipe makers usually add a material to the glass that absorbs light. The intensity of the glow will depend on the amount of light-absorbing material added to the glass. To make them glow, the glass needs to “charge” by collecting as much light as possible, preferably natural light. The more intense and the longer the exposure, the brighter and stronger the glow will be.

Once everybody’s ready, turn out the lights and turn on your UV lamp. Soon enough, you’ll see your bong glow, creating a magnificent illumination display that is visually stimulating and satisfying.

Assorted Glow Styles Silicone 14mm Female Removable Diffuser Downstem Beaker Bong 13 inch

How about a glow in the dark silicone bong?

Of course, silicone’s not going to fall behind! There is also great glow in the dark silicone bongs that are perfect for those who are extra clumsy in the dark. No worries about breaking the bong as you pass it in the dark. Hey, it’s a feat worthy of an award, passing a glow in the dark bong when the only thing that you can see is the bong!

How do you use a glow in the dark bong?

Using a glow in the dark bong is the same as you would any other bong, with one difference: the charging time. Before you use your glow in the dark bong in a dark room with a blacklight on, you have to expose it to light for 3-6 hours. Natural light is better, but an intense LED light shining directly on the bong will be enough to charge it.

  1. After “charging,” fill the bong with water and pack your herb bowl. Place the lighter within easy reach, preferably near the bong to catch some light. You don’t want to be groping in the dark for minutes on end when you turn on the blacklight (or UV light in some places).

  2. Turn off your room lights and turn on your black light.

  3. If you have a big glow in the dark bong like our Glow in the Dark Silicone Bong, keep it on the table as you rip from the mouthpiece. For a mini UV bong, you can hold it in your hand as you pull through the mouthpiece.

  4. Light the bowl and continue to pull until you get the smoke that you want.

  5. Release the herb slide and inhale all the smoke. Hold the smoke in for 1-2 secs, and release.

If your glow in the dark bong isn’t glowing, get a different light source. Sometimes, depending on the quality of the phosphorescent material, some need intense light to recharge. If you need to use it at night, keep it by a sunny window during the afternoon, then under intense light when the sun goes down. It’s best to appreciate its glow in the dark properties minutes after.

Want to get your own glowing toy? Check out our glow in the glass bongs for sale! They are all hand-picked for design, efficiency, and functionality.



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