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What is A Mini Bong and How to Use It?

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What is A Mini Bong and How to Use It?
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You love using your Floral Metallic Gold Thick 7mm Glass Straight Tube Bong with Ice Catcher 17.5″ and it’s your favorite in your collection. The problem is, sometimes it’s hard to clean, especially in your small sink. It’s not also a contender for the storing in secret inside a cabinet or your cupboard. When you want to have function with portability, this is where a mini bong comes in.

What is a mini bong?

A mini bong is a water pipe that is smaller than your regular bong, but bigger compared to a bubbler. It’s the perfect smoking companion for those who have hands and live in cramped spaces. The average height of mini bongs ranges from 6-9 inches. However, there are mini bongs that can be as small as 4 inches in height and 8 inches in base diameter.

Just like your regular bongs, mini bongs can come in several shapes and forms. You can have a mini beaker bong for better stability and larger water capacity. Straight-tube mini bongs offer better space-saving features if you prefer something more discreet. There are also mini bongs that are made up of silicone for better portability and durability. Your choices are endless when it comes to getting a mini bong.

How do you use a mini bong?

First time to use a bong, or a mini bong? We’ll teach you how to use it so you’ll be able to have fun with your cute bong whenever you want. You will need:

  • Lighter, match, or wick

  • Your favorite herb

  • Mini bong and the glass bowl

  • Water

  • A cup or pouring glass with a spout (to help make pouring water easier and mess-free).

Now, let’s use that mini bong!

  1. Inspect your mini bong and check if it’s clean and free from any cracks. Remove the bowl and the downstem (if it’s removable), then set it aside. Make sure it’s not going to roll over.

  2. Fill your cup or pouring glass with water.

  3. Fill the mini bong with water by pouring through the mouthpiece. Pour carefully as mini bongs have a smaller mouthpiece compared to regular bongs.

  4. Pour enough water until the downstem is submerged about an inch and a half underwater. Take a pull test by dragging through the mouthpiece. If you got violent bubbles and backsplash, reduce the water level bit by bit. If your mini bong is too quiet, add a bit more water.

  5. Wipe the joint dry and insert the removable stem.

  6. Get your bowl and check if there’s no blockage. Grind or crumble your herb then pack it in the bowl.

  7. Tamp it down firmly but not too tight. You have a small joint to deal with, so you need all the airflow that you can get.

  8. Attach the bowl to the stem. Get your lighter ready and draw through the mouthpiece in a continuous sucking motion.

  9. Light up your herb and keep pulling until you see the mini bong fill up with smoke.

  10. Remove the stem when you have enough smoke in the mini bong.

  11. Inhale the smoke and drive it into your lungs. Hold for a second and exhale.

Tips and tricks for using a mini bong

Small bongs, although they have small joints, don’t have much drag in them because of their small size. Don’t drag too hard or you’re be getting a nasty backsplash that will ruin your smoking experience.

The flame can come close to your face because of the small size. To minimize the heat, we advise that you use a wick instead to limit the size of the flame. This makes it easier for you to light up that small bowl as well.

Why should you get a mini bong?

Mini bongs offer more than just fun and convenience. Here are some of the benefits of using a mini bong.

  • Conserves your herbs: mini bongs are useful for quick sessions. The small bowl size means you don’t have to pack a lot and waste your herbs just for a hit or two. You’ll be able to extend your stash longer.

  • Affordable: if you’re saving up but want to have a bong, the mini bong is just right for you. There are decent bongs that can cost you less than $20, and still give you satisfying hits as if you’re drawing from a regular bong.

  • You can hide it: big bongs like the Pulsar Fat Can Double Slit Matrix Perc Bong with Ice Catcher are impressive and have a demanding presence. However, you don’t have to worry about your mini bong catching attention. It’s so small and compact, you can easily hide it in an inconspicuous place, and no one will notice. Ideal for those who want to keep their smoking devices private.

  • Perfect for solo use: although we enjoy sharing a smoke or two with friends, there are times when we want to keep to ourselves. A mini bong is one way of having a relaxing sesh by yourself either in your car, backyard or on a camping trip.

What mini bongs do you recommend?

Want to get your own mini bong? Here are some of the mini bongs in our collection that you might want to try out yourself.

Fumed Silver with White Twist Bent-Neck Mini Bong 6.5”


This fumed glass piece is lovely to look at. The bent neck provides comfortable smoking and keeps you away from the heat of the bowl. The wide beaker base provides excellent stability for worry-free smoking.


empire glassworks mario mushroom bent neck diffused downstem bong 7.5 inchEmpire Glassworks Bent-Neck Mario Mushroom Diffused Downstem Recycler Bong 7″


Empire Glassworks is famous for making heady glass pieces that are eye-popping gorgeous. This Mario-inspired recycler levels up your bong session by constantly turning in water and smoke for cooler, smoother hits. If you have weak lungs and need a more soothing smoke, you should consider getting this mini bong from Empire Glassworks.

UV Pink Pulsar Mini Beaker Bong 5″


You can never go wrong with a scientific glass piece. Simple and classic, this mini Pulsar bong is comfortable to hold. At 5” in height, you can easily store it in your bag or store it away for safe-keeping. You’ll feel the quality of the glass immediately when you hold it.

Fumed Glass Pulsar Showerhead Perc Bong 7.5″


Who said you can’t have a perc in a mini bong? This Pulsar mini bong has a showerhead perc for smooth, cool hits. It has a distinct sphere shape that not only makes beautiful to look at but also allows it hold a decent amount of water volume. The fat can base keeps the mini bong stable despite its globular shape.

silicone ball design acrylic travel bong 8 inchAcrylic Silicone Ball Travel Bong 8″


Do you travel a lot and find that you always forget to bring your bong with you? This acrylic silicone hybrid travel bong is the perfect travel companion. Made of premium food-grade silicone and durable acrylic, you don’t have to worry about dropping and breaking your bong. Its affordable price is ideal for those who are saving up for a better bong but can’t afford to stop taking their herbs.

Assorted Colors Food-Grade Silicone Mini Bong With Glass Funnel Bowl 3.5 inchAssorted Colors Food-Grade Silicone Mini Bong With Glass Funnel Bowl 3.5″


Treckers, campers, road-trippers, and cross-country travelers move a lot and pack/unpack their bags over and over again. Also, if you still keep dropping your mini bong despite its size, we highly recommend getting this mini silicone bong. It’s made with food-grade material which makes it safe to use without inhaling harmful chemicals. The entire piece (except for the glass bowl) is so flexible you can use a brush to clean out any stubborn residue inside without breaking it.

Want to see more from our collection? Click here now and get your very own mini bong today.


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