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What Is An Ash Catcher and How Does It Work?

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What Is An Ash Catcher and How Does It Work?
Bongs are highly popular because of the smooth cool hits that they give. However, big bongs especially ones with percs like the Pulsar Double Jellyfish Perc Bong can be challenging to clean after a few bowls. There’s one way to minimize your efforts in cleaning your bong, and that is through an ash catcher.

What is an ash catcher?

Ash catchers are bong accessories that give additional fusion for a cleaner, smother hit. It’s a glass attachment that you can easily attach and detach to your bong’s joint. It’s called an ash catcher because it’s designed to catch the ash that is coming from your bowl. Ash catchers filter a good amount of combusted material from the smoke before it reaches your bong. However, don’t think that because of the ash catcher, you don’t have to wash your water pipe. You still need to clean your bong as ash catchers don’t have 100% filtering capabilities.

Why do you need an ash catcher?

If it can’t filter your smoke 100%, then why do you need an ash catcher? For one, it makes maintaining your bong infinitely much easier, especially if you’re dealing with a huge bong. Small water pipes like the Fumed Silver Mini Bong with Bent Neck don’t necessarily need ash catchers. However, if you have a big bong that can be a bit wieldy to clean, an ash catcher is an asset especially if you have a complex perc system like this 14” Pulsar Straight Triple Turbine Perc Bong. Turbine perc bong owners know that although this type of perc is one of the best, it’s a pain to keep those intricate slits clean. A clogged slit or two can interfere with how the turbine perc works. With an ash catcher, your bong, as well as the percolators, stay free of debris longer. This means you have extended session with a lesser interruption for clearing out your bong. You have a relaxing time and you enjoy the company of your friends as well as appreciate your bong better.

Ash catchers also “upgrade” your bong without you having to go through expensive replacements. For example, you have an acrylic bong like the Pickle Richard with Removable Downstem Perc. We like acrylic bongs because they are durable and easy to use. However, smoke tends to be harsher in these bongs compared to their glass counterparts. There are also acrylic bongs that give off an unpleasant taste. When you use an ash catcher, you help cool down smoke, so it feels better for your throat. With the lowered temperature, your acrylic bong won’t heat up too much and you get a cleaner taste as well.

Ash catchers are perfect for those who:

  • Don’t want to spend too much time cleaning their bong.

  • Wish to have a longer, uninterrupted session.

  • Have a big bong that is too wieldy to clean very often.

  • Want to have a smoother, cleaner, cooler hits.

  • Enhance their smoking experience without having to replace their favorite water pipe.

How an ash catcher works

An ash catcher has two joints: one for your bowl, and the other for your bong stem. You insert the bowl through the joint pointing upward, while you insert the downward joint to the stem of your bong. Depending on the type of ash catcher you purchase, you may or may not have to add water to the glass attachment. Ash catchers are also called pre-coolers because they also help cool down the smoke before it goes inside your water pipe.

Think of ash catchers as a bong connected to a bong. Smoke goes down from the bowl inside the ash catcher’s chamber. Because the pre-cooler’s chamber is isolated from the bong, water, diffuser, or percolator inside the chamber grabs the ash and debris from the smoke before it goes through the connecting joint. The smoke that emerges from the ash catcher has less debris, and your bong does not have to do much work to clean and filter smoke.

How to fit an ash catcher to your bong

There are four essential things to consider when you finally decide to buy an ash catcher: angle, gender, size, and height.


There are two joint angles bongs have: 45° or 90° angles. You should match the joint angle of your ash catcher to that of your bong. For example: if you have a Diamond Glass Tree Arm Perc Bong that has a 90°-joint, you should also get an ash catcher that has a 90°-joint. If you have a bong that has a 45°-joint like the Pulsar 12-arm Tree Perk Bong, you must get an ash catcher that has a 45°-joint.

More often than not, a mismatched ash catcher can sit too high or too low on your bong. The result is an uneven water line in the chamber that can render your ash catcher useless. The water should sit parallel with your ash catcher’s bottom, and the bowl should have the same position as that of the original bong.


Bongs come in male or female slides. You should get an ash catcher that is opposite the gender of your water pipe. Say you got the Dark Vapor Straight Tube Bong with Diffuser Downstem that has a female joint. You can only fit it with an ash catcher that has a male joint. If you got an ash catcher with a female joint, you can use adapters to fit the two together.


Joints come in three sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. As with joint angles, your ash catcher should match the joint size of your bong. If you got one that is smaller or bigger, there are slide adapters that you can use to fix the problem.


The weight of your ash catcher should not destabilize your bong. Always think that the bigger the ash catcher, the heavier it will be. If you have a small water pipe or one that is light, a big ash catcher can topple over your bong. Your water pipe should be sturdy, stable, has a thick and wide heavy base to ensure that it will stay upright. Consider this especially if you plan to stack ash catchers.

When you shy away from using your favorite perc bong or because of the cleanup, an ash catcher will be the best solution. You don’t have to spend too much effort doing aftercare with each session, and you only have a small piece to clean in between sessions with friends. You have more time to enjoy your herbs, and you get smoother hits which means less coughing fits. It’s an attachment that upgrades your bong significantly, and you can appreciate the effect in an instant.

Did you get an ash catcher? Please let us know about your experience in the comment section!



  • Ashcatchers almost always tip over bongs and pipes, all bong basses should be quit a bit bigger as standard size

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