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What’s Good About Unique Bongs?

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What’s Good About Unique Bongs?
Unique bongs are more than just a novelty. Their unique designs give them character and a personal appeal that regular bongs don’t have. No matter how scientifically engineered bongs can be, they’re no match for the intricate and eye-catching designs of unique bongs. Here are several good reasons why you should get one for yourself and add it to your proud collection.

Glass Football Diffused Downstem 14mm Female Bong 9.5 inch It’s a touchdown every time you take a hit form this Glass Football Diffused Downstem Unique Bong.

It’s your own

Having a group of friends over for a bong party is a great way to showcase your unique bong. When everyone’s got a straight or beaker bong, you’ve got something totally different. Whip out this Unique Bubble Perc Bong, and everyone will know instantly that it’s yours. You and your friends will feel like you’re hitting a bubble pop game whenever you’re using this bong. For sure, you’ll be in their heads whenever they play the game.

Are you also the type of smoker who doesn’t like to share? Hey, no judgment here, we all have our moments when we want our bong to ourselves even if there’s company around. Most especially if you’re in a place where you don’t know all of the people around. Having a unique bong in your hands can make others hesitant to try it out, especially if they come in a complex, whimsical, and alien design.

Reflects your style

Water pipes are a personal extension of your taste and preference. However, nothing spells out your unique character and style as a unique bong could.

Take for example our AK-47 Silicone Beaker Bong. It’s a good bong that represents one’s love of guns. Made out of silicone, it can also be a reflection of one’s outdoorsy and tough disposition. If you love the thrill of the chase and an excellent tactical game, this is a great bong for you.

If you’re someone who delves deep in things and are more attuned with the universe, The Glass Cone Female bong can be your perfect smoking avatar.  The retro lava lamp style, with its striking eye leaf design, depicts a more in-depth knowledge and perception of one’s surroundings and experiences.

empire glassworks lime ice cream sunday 14mm female dab rig 6.25 inch Empire Glassworks will always have a unique bong

A crowd-pleaser

Let’s face it. Glass bongs like the Pulsar Matrix Swiss Perc Bong are stunning because of its design and functionality. However, throw in the Glass Football Bong, and everybody’s going to want to have a pitch at hitting it. It’s something that you’d want to share with the gang during NFL season and remember the greatest touchdown in history.

For those who love sweets, a Donut Bong is something that will spark a conversation about the best donuts in town, or what coffee is the best for your sweet treats. You may even strike a good conversation on which food is best to pair with your herbs as you smoke.

Has that wow factor

Unique glass bongs go against the grain of standard bongs. It’s a feat for glassblowers to produce because it forces out their creativity and skill. The result is a design that has a character and unique life that you won’t get from any scientific glass bongs.

Imagine hitting a bong that looks like your favorite cocktail or food. Empire Glassworks created a Ramen Bong that has all the trimmings of a good noodle bowl. Looking at it, you’ll do a double-take and wonder if you’re looking at a bong or a delicious bowl of ramen. As one of the leading glass companies in the smoking industry, Empire Glassworks are known for their unique hand blown glass bongs. If you want something that is surreal, almost realistic, and fun to use, this is a brand you should seriously consider. If this interests you, you can check out our post about lava lamp bongs.

Where can I get my unique bong?

It's best to get unique bongs for sale online. You have so many options to choose from, and you can take your time looking at their features. We have cool unique bongs that are carefully handpicked by our team of avid smokers for their looks, functionality, and performance. If you want something different, something that is an extension of your personality, click here now. Let’s go and get that unique bong that will match your smoking needs.

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