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What is a Helix Bong and How Does it Work?

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What is a Helix Bong and How Does it Work?
Bongs come in various shapes and sizes, and one of the unusual forms you’ll see is that of a Helix bong. However, despite its odd appearance, it’s a bong that makes your smoking experience feel like a science experiment.

What is a Helix bong?

The Helix bong is crafted as a way to help enhance the smoking experience without relying on complex-looking percolators. Some Helix bongs come with a Venturi chamber, which has a funnel or a choke path that allows changing the speed of smoke. As a result, you’ll see twisting spirals of smoke much like the appearance of a stretched spring or a Helix DNA. Scientific terms aside, you’ll see a spiraling tornado within the Venturi chamber that does not really involve any twisting and turning tubes. What you get is a smooth rip that has the pure flavor of your herb or flower.

How does the Helix bong work?

By Thierry Dugnolle - Own work, CC0, Link

The Helix bong works based on what’s called the Bernoulli's Principle. It’s an equation that measures how fluids and gases move within pipes and tubes that have different sizes.

All Helix bongs involve two chambers that are connected with a narrow tube that will serve as a choke, much like what you will see from an hourglass. This narrowing results in a faster flow of smoke through the chamber while there’s a variation in pressure. This change in pressure causes the smoke to spin around and mix with air for filtration and cooling.

What happens when you drag through a Helix bong is that smoke collects at the bottom chamber due to the choke. The longer you drag, the thicker the milk gets at the bottom chamber, and you’re already creating a tornado effect within the Venturi chamber. Once you lift the bowl, smoke instantly lift from the water chamber up the Venturi, swirling and twirling, creating that classic Helix style effect.

GRAV added a little something extra to their Helix bong design. At the sides of the Venturi chamber just above the neck are three slits angled towards the wall of the chamber. As you drag in smoke, you also pull in air. The direction of the slits directs the air towards the side, further enhancing the tornado effect within the Helix bong. Other Helix bongs have a globe-shaped smoke chamber that adds air volume in the bong. The extra air helps cool down the smoke before it reaches up the mouthpiece for smooth hits.

What’s the smoking experience of a Helix Bong?


When you see that choke, you may be thinking that you need to rip this baby hard to get that smoke and tornado action going. Truth is, you don’t need that much effort to create that effect. In fact, the design of the Helix bong does away with heavy dragging. Because the difference in pressure drives the smoke up in a rapid manner, slow and steady is better. It’s going to hurt if you drag it in deep so take your time and enjoy your sesh when you use this.

Now, as for clearing the smoke? Effortless. It’s all smooth and easy, and the choke doesn’t necessarily affect the way smoke clears from the Helix bong. That’s because the pressure in the lower chamber actually drives the smoke up faster compared to a clearing a straight tube bong or a beaker bong. You don’t necessarily need strong lungs to clear a Helix bong.

You're in for a surprise, but you won’t believe the amount of smoke you’ll be able to stack inside the Helix bong. You can make the milk so thick it’s already opaque inside the water chamber, and it’s going to stay there until you take it in. If ever you find a problem with clearing smoke in a Helix, it’s because it can and will form a large amount of smoke that you won’t expect from a bong that size.

Who is the Helix bong for?

The Helix bong is perfect for those who want big, smooth hits but hate using percolators. Some believe that they lose the flavors and medicinal effects of their herbs if the smoke passes through a number of percs and layers of water. With the Helix bong, the air is what cools down the smoke, making it easier to rip. You get to taste as much flavor of your herbs with less harshness compared to smoking a dry pipe.

Also, those who find that smoke is too harsh for them will benefit in using the Helix bong. Our lungs are not designed to take in pure smoke. The Helix bong mixes air with the smoke, making the smoke milder and easier to take without compromising flavor and medicinal effects.

Getting a Helix bong is a great addition to your smoking collection. There are several Helix bong designs that you could choose from. Our Helix bongs for sale include two amazing products from GRAV.

grav helix perc bong Grav Helix Perc Bong 8.75″

This Grav Labs Helix bong has a fixed fission downstem that diffuses smoke way low within the straight tube. Ideal for those who prefer to have a little less water in their bongs, but 2” of water is highly recommended in this one.

At 8.75” tall, the 60mm tubing doesn’t seem much. However, once you light up that bowl, you’ll have a stack of smoke that will give you that recreational or medicinal effect that you’re looking for. Probably even more. Although it looks top-heavy, the wide, thick base provides adequate balance and support to keep your Helix perc upright and stable. Another good plus is that you can exchange the14mm Helix™ Taster® Bowl with a quartz banger so you can use this as an awesome dab rig.

grav helix beaker bongGrav Helix Beaker Bong 8.75″

Still at the same hight and 60mm tubing, this beaker bong comes with a removable showerhead diffuser downstem. The beaker style water chamber provides a wide, steady base for stability. This also gives you a large capacity for water to help filter and cool down smoke. Aside from that, the amount of smoke you can stack in this bong is going to highly satisfying.

This piece has a rock-solid feel to it, and the hits that you will get is super smooth. Even in the absence of other additional percs, this Helix beaker bong can give you one of the smoothest hits you’ll ever get in a bong.


Helix bongs are wonderful glass pieces that are a combination of art and pure science. You won’t get as scientific in your bong experience as with the Helix bong. We highly recommend getting one with a Venturi chamber for smooth and airy smoke. Not to mention you get a marvelous display of smoke. A Helix bong is ideal for those who want the pure taste of their herbs with less of the cough. If you want to take your smoke to a different dimension, this bong is highly recommended for you.

Did you get to try out a Helix bong? What makes it stand out from your other bongs, and what do you like most about it? Please don’t hesitate to share your Helix bong story in our comment section.


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