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What is a Lava Lamp Bong and How Does it Work?

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What is a Lava Lamp Bong and How Does it Work?
Image source: Reddit

As a kid, our memories of a lava lamp is something mystical and magical. Imagine walking in blacklight room with a lava lamp casting a catchy display of colorful lights against UV reactive posters. These lamps started in 1963 and were the proud inventions of Edward Craven Walker. Walker was a British accountant that soon became the founder of the company Mathmos.

What is a lava lamp bong?

Walker’s design soon got the interest of glassmakers, and soon the idea gave birth to retro style bong. A lava lamp bong is a bong that has an almost psychedelic display of colors added to the glass. Shaped like a lava lamp, it has an appearance similar to a beaker bong. Imagine the Helix Beaker Bong, only with a smaller base and a broader mouthpiece in comparison.

Left: lava lamp bong. Right: lava lamp that looks like a bong which serves strictly as a light source/display. Source: Reddit

Lava lamps contain two types of fluid of varying thickness that prevents them from mixing together. Two layers of glass contains the solution so you can shake and mix it to create a soothing display of color in motion. Glass blowers imitate this color display by melting in globs of colored glass in the glass tubing as they form the lava lamp bong. However, unless it’s a UV bong like the UV Green Pulsar Mini Beaker Bong, the colors won’t pop up in a blacklight room.

Lava lamps bongs come in different shapes and styles. Instead of globs of color on the glass, others have iridescent colors like this 12” Lava Lamp Bong from Fat Buddha Glass. If you want something similar to a traditional lava lamp, you should go for the Groovy Tube from Mathematix Glass. Unfortunately, supply is very limited, so if you get to see one, grab one.

How does a Lava Lamp Bong Work?

The lava lamp works just like your regular bong. You have a bowl and downstem at the side, with a wide beaker type base for adding water. What’s good about most lava lamp bongs is that the small beaker base allows you to hold it in your hand as you light up the bowl.

Some lava lamp bongs come with percs in them as well as a fixed stem. Most lava lamps connect the perc to the downstem rather than have them suspended above the base like other perc bongs. What this does is it allows you to add more water to the bong for better cooling and filtration.


Lava lamp bongs are novelty bongs that you can have fun using. It’s a retro way of smoking that will surely bring back memories of your childhood or the 70’s era of smoking. Just note that Lava lamp bongs don’t have wires or bulbs inside them, despite its name. If you see a lava lamp bong that has wirings in it, it’s definitely not for smoking.

Did you get your hands on a cool lava bong? Please share pictures in our comment section? Also, don’t forget to check out our bong collection. We may not have lava bongs in our store, but we do have other fun bongs like the Unique Bubble Perc 14mm Female Bent Neck Bong 9.75”. We also have other exceptional heady glass pieces from Empire Glassworks that you’re going to love.


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