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What is the Tornado Bong and How Does it Work?

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What is the Tornado Bong and How Does it Work?
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Want to impress your friends and enjoy the full flavor of your herbs as you hit your water pipe? The tornado bong is just the thing for a cool display of function and delivery of flavor.

What is a tornado bong?

A tornado bong is a water pipe that has a cyclone or turbine perc either at the bottom on top of a perc stack. These percs come in a shape of a disc or in angled tubes that direct the flow of smoke to create that tornado effect.
A tornado bong can come with a single cyclone disc, multiple stacked cyclone percs, or with a combination of other disc percs such as the honeycomb per. Not only does it help enhance your smoking experience, it’s also a wonderful conversational piece.

The thicker you form the smoke, the more you’ll see the tornado action. It’s an effect that will make your friends go wow and can make this bong among your personal favorites.

How does a tornado bong work?


Tornado bongs work through the use of angled slits or tubes that go around in a disk. As you drag through the tornado bong, the pressure you exert forces the water to go through the slits. The water follows the direction of the slits or tubes, creating a turbine or tornado effect within the bong. As the water swirls, the smoke from your bowl mixes with water. As the smoke spins within this turbulence, the water helps lower smoke temperature and also remove the debris.

Think about the effect of a top-loading washing machine that has an impeller washer. By spinning your clothes around, dirt is forced from your clothes and drawn to the center. The same thing happens with your smoke. As your smoke spins inside the water, resin, and debris separate with each spin, giving you clean and smooth smoke.

There are two ways to make your tornado bong work efficiently as much as possible.

Water level

The water level depends on where the cyclone perc is located. For submerged cyclone percs, water level should cover about a third of the space inside the chamber. This is especially true with stacked cyclone percs.

If your tornado bong has a cyclone perc on top of other percs, this should not be covered with water. As you take a drag, water from other perc chambers will rise with smoke up to the cyclone perc. Adding too much will give you nasty backsplash that will ruin the overall experience of your tornado bong.

Draw pressure

A slow and steady drag is what you need to get that tornado action going. A heavy draw will cause too much turbulence and will also give you a taste of bong water. The water won’t be spinning, but instead, go up in a violent gurgling of bubbles that has no effect on your smoke.

A light draw is also useless. You’ll see a thin line of smoke right at the middle of the whirlpool, but it’s too thin to be of any significance. The rate of spinning as well as the force of the tornado is too weak to cool down and filter smoke.
Treat the tornado bong as if you’re savoring a warm, comforting soup or warm cocoa on a cold winter night. Don’t draw from it like a parched runner drinking from a sports bottle.

What does the tornado bong do to your sesh?

Because of the simplicity of the turbine, it does not create a lot of pull like some percs do. You don’t necessarily need strong lungs to create that tornado effect. A slow steady drag is enough to have that swirling action that you need for an impressive display of smoke. The tornado bong is perfect for those who want to have a perc but don’t have that strong capacity to clear out smoke from a complex bong.

Another is that tornado bongs don’t give you that much diffusion or create a stack of bubbles for percolation. Although it can help you remove debris from your smoke, it doesn’t give you the same filtration as to a tree perc bong or honeycomb perc bong does. However, the flavor and effect that you get from the tornado bong are intense. Because smoke only spins and does not diffuse in water, you get that full essence of your herbs. All those natural flavors will hit you in a solid punch, which makes this ideal for those who want the heavy flavor and effect of their herbs.

Others do find it hard to use the tornado bong, not because of the pull or maintenance. A wrong pull from the bong as well as incorrect water level can cause backsplash that gives you a taste of nasty bong water.
One thing you need to consider about tornado bongs is that it should on a flat surface. It won’t function as efficiently if you draw from it at an angle. This usually happens when you hold a straight tube bong to get a hit. The best way to get the most out of your tornado bong is to place it on a flat surface so that the tornado perc is fully covered with water.

How is it different from a Helix bong?

A Helix bong creates a tornado effect using a Venturi chamber that creates a choke to change the air pressure. Helix bongs have angled slits that go around the base of the Venturi chamber, allowing air to enter the chamber at an angle. This change of pressure and temperature helps cool down smoke without filtering out the natural flavors of your herbs.

A tornado bong, on the other hand, has turbine perc submerged underwater and requires the presence of water to create that funneling tornado effect. Instead of air dong the filtering and cooling, a tornado bong uses water to improve smoke quality.

Tornado bongs to choose from

There are several tornado bongs that you can take your pick, depending on your smoking demands as well as your budget. These tornado bongs range from simple to complex, and you can take your pick depending on your smoking level.

Grav labs turbine showerhead perc boro glass bong 8 inchGRAV Labs Turbine Showerhead Perc Boro Glass Bong 8″

This tornado bong is 8 inches tall but can pack a punch. It’s made with durable borosilicate glass for years of smoking enjoyment. This GRAV bong has a 14mm herb slide that has a handle for easy release. It comes with a turbine as well as a showerhead perc for double filtration, giving you smooth hits every time. The black-tone glass creates an interesting contrast inside the clear bong, giving it an attractive, classy look. The sidecar mouthpiece helps lessen backsplash and allows for comfortable use. With a 3.5-inch diameter, fat can base, the GRAV Turbine Showerhead Perc Boro Glass Bong is not easy to tip over.


Tornado Cyclone Water Pipe W/ Turbine Perc 12”

This is one of the simplest tornado bong that can give a mesmerizing effect to your session. The saucer design provides a wide base and allows you to add a larger water volume for a straight bong. It’s made with scientific glass, has a 90° degree 14mm female joint. The flared mouthpiece conforms perfectly around your mouth for a comfortable yet airtight seal for easy smoking.


Tornado Water Pipe 12”

Unlike the earlier tornado bong, this one has its turbine perc submerged inside the saucer base, giving you the option of having less water for less backsplash. Users love the way this tornado bong delivers a clean, full dose that will spin you around. The wide heavy base gives it secure stability.

This bong has a 90° degree 18mm female joint and an 18mm male bowl. It’s made with durable borosilicate glass for longer use and clean flavor. With its bent neck, it’s comfortable to use, and you have fewer worries about backsplashes of dirty bong water. The simple scientific design makes it easy to use and effortless to clean.

Pulsar Straight Triple Turbine Perc Bong 14″

Three cyclone percs are better than none. Imagine what kind of hits you’ll get from this bong. With triple percs, you’ll get smooth, pure hits that give you the full effect of your herbs. If you want maximum smoothness without compromising the flavors and effects of your herbs, this is the bong for you.

The Pulsar Straight Triple Turbine Perc Bong stands at 14 inches. The straight tube is made of thick borosilicate glass. The wide, thick base compensates for the long tubing, so you won’t be able to tip the bong over easily.

Should you get a tornado bong?

There are many reasons why you should get a tornado bong:

Efficient cooling and filtration

It may not stack bubbles as other percs bongs do. However, a tornado bong can still give you the simplest cooling and filtration without compromising herb flavor. Some dislike getting too many bubbles because they believe that too much percolation takes out the flavor and medicinal or recreational effects. With a tornado bong, you still get the best flavor and the full potency of your herb. The smoke is smooth, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy a smoke with less coughing.

Simple to use and maintain

Unlike other perc bongs, a tornado bong is easier to use. You don’t need strong lungs to make it work and appreciate how it cleans your smoke. Also, cleaning is easy. You don’t need some fancy maneuvering to clean the perc just like you would with spiral coil, Swiss, Faberge, or tree-arm percs.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert smoker looking for something extra for your sesh, cyclone bong is a great water pipe to use. It’s durable, functions well, and gives a cool display of performance that you and your friends will enjoy.

Have you tried using a tornado bong? Please share your YouTube videos on how you use it and its effect on your sesh.


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