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What Makes Gravity Bongs So Effective

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What Makes Gravity Bongs So Effective
The popularity of gravity bong still continues because it’s easy to make. Also, let’s face it. This type of bong can give you the biggest and strongest hit that you can get in a bong. But how does a gravity bong bypass a smoker’s tolerance?

Huge amount of smoke

Most gravity bongs are made of massive designs. Its purpose is to help you consume a bowl full of with just one rip. When water travels down from the upper chamber, gravity pulls in smoke from the bowl. This smoke is contained inside the empty chamber, and will continue to build until you stop pulling or stop the water from draining.

The size of the gravity bong helps it create a bucket-load of smoke. No other bong or dab rig can get you this amount of smoke in just one hit. Some gravity bongs are made up from 1L to 2L bottles. Others became pretty daring and used a 5-gallon water container to get the biggest hit that they can take – and share with friends of course.

Smoke concentration

The gravity bong also produces a thick amount of smoke. This will depend on how fast you lift the upper chamber or drain the water compartment. It’s the combined action of the vacuum and gravity that pulls the smoke in. However, if you pull too fast, you won’t get that much thick of a smoke. If you push too slow, you’ll end up getting stale smoke.

Smoke penetrates deeper in your lungs

When taking rips from a pipe, regular bong, or dab rig, the suction that you do pulls the smoke in your lungs. The depth and strength of your pull determines the speed or velocity of the smoke. But with a gravity bong, it’s entirely different. Smoke is pushed up towards the lip of the bottle as you push the chamber back into the water chamber.

This action drives the smoke deeper in your lungs as you inhale. As a result, it gives you big rips even if you don’t have that much muscle strength to suck in.

Word of caution: the main reason why the gravity bong is invented is to help those with high tolerance get the effect that they’re after with recreational smoking. Although it’s fairly simple and easy to make, this type of bong is not recommended for beginners. You’ll be coughing and spewing to no end if you take your first ever hit from a gravity bong.

What makes a gravity bong so effective for you? Please share your experience with us!

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