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Why Are Beaker Bongs So Expensive

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Why Are Beaker Bongs So Expensive
Beaker bongs are priced higher due to several factors.

Design and craftsmanship

If you look at the expensive beaker bongs available in the market, you will see that most of them have intricate designs. Most of the artisan beaker bongs have details that would make you want to put them on display. Some of these artisan beaker bongs are mostly for show. Although some have like those from Hi Si are designed to give you the maximum filtration possible.

Generally speaking, the broader base of beaker bongs allows room for more water. This gives you smoother, cooler hits because of the added filtration. It also gives you extra smoke for a better smoking experience. Some love the design of the beaker bong because it makes the milk thicker.

The added volume also ensures that the water does not saturate fast. You can easily use this for more extended sessions with friends without having to worry about repeated cleaning.

Quality of material

Expensive beaker bongs are mostly made up of high-grade material. Some manufacturers use borosilicate glass – a heat-resistant, durable laboratory-grade material. Glass beaker bongs made up of this material are easier to handle because you don’t have to worry about breaking it quickly as you pass it around with your friends. One example of a good quality beaker bong is Illadelph. This maker only uses the highest-quality glass material. Honey Supply, on the other hand, uses American-made glass sourced from Los Angeles.

Pulsar beaker bong


Compared to other bong designs, beaker bongs are more stable because of the wider base. Straight bongs can easily topple over, and bowl bongs have narrower support compared to its water chamber. The concentration of the weight is at the bottom. No matter how big or how small your beaker bong is, it will stay grounded on the table while you enjoy your hit. You can easily pass your beaker bong along if you have a session.

Beaker bongs are made for a purpose

Beaker bongs are made for the sole purpose of smoking. You cannot use your beaker bong to drink water, hold in your mom’s favorite flower, or eat soup from it. Because of this limit of use, not all standard companies can make beaker bongs. It is something that is not mass-produced because it only caters to a specific market. The privilege of smoking herbs are only for a special few.

Beaker bongs can give you a different smoking experience compared to straight bongs. Once you get a hold of a beaker bong, study its design, material. Test how it feels like when you use it. From there you will see that it has a different feel, and the experience makes the cost worth it.

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