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Alien Flower Monkey: Are They as Good as They Say?

Alien Flower Monkey: Are They as Good as They Say?
With so many glass brands in the market, it’s hard to choose which one will be the best for your smoking or dabbing needs. Let’s have a look at Alien Flower Monkey and see how their product fairs against others.

What is Alien Flower Monkey?

Alien Flower Monkey is a company that started in LA, California in January 2018.  As a glass company, AFM provides smoking products that are durable and American made. It’s a relatively new company that will have quite a time competing with other legends such as GRAV and Pulsar.

What can I get?

The Alien Flower Monkey products are made from dependable boro glass. From smoking pipes to accessories, their collection is endless. You can get:

Alien Flower Monkey Bongs

The scientific beaker bongs are simple, elegant, and accented with AFM stickers. There are also some geometric pieces that will undoubtedly stand out. It’s ideal for those who want more than the ordinary. There’s a reverse beaker water pipe.

Dab Rigs

The dab rigs also come in different varieties. Not exactly one of their best selling products, but they have a Spray Can Dab Rig that’s about 7 inches tall and about 50mm in diameter. It can stand upright on your table, or you can hold it like you would a small bubbler.


You can also get dabbing accessories like quartz bangers and carb caps. The walls of the quartz bangers are 3mm thick, with bottoms getting as thick as 5mm.

You can get different types of quartz bangers such as bell-bottoms, round-bottoms, and even one with a splash guard o keep your rig cleaner longer. There are also drop-down adapters should you want to gather reclaim for your edibles.

The bubble caps are unique, with vibrant colors and designs that are distinctly AFM.  They can work well with most bangers, but they work better when you pair them with big ones.

Do you own and love a Puffco Peak? They also have a cool replacement in case you want to accessorize and enhance your vaporizer.

Is Alien Flower Monkey Glass worth it?

Alien flower monkey products are well-designed, beautiful, and durable. They are affordable products that can function really well and provide you with a great smoking and dabbing session.

However, they don’t have the same quality as one would expect from an American brand. Some are not happy with how the welds in Alien Flower products come out. A lot of people are expecting more since this brand pops up whenever you search for American brands. The price doesn’t seem to match what some are looking for.

Their products definitely won’t give you the type of seamless quality like premium brands such as Mothership and Illadelph. However, they provide solid functionality for affordable smoking pieces. Alien Flower Monkey won’t give you that high-class feel that you’re looking for, but they’re still new. The company does show promise and their best selling products may serve as an inspiration for better ones in the future.


  • They actually started in 2014 it says on their website

  • I love my AFM dab rig!


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