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Beta Glass Labs: Designer Quality Glass for Dabbing

Beta Glass Labs: Designer Quality Glass for Dabbing
Glass is a favorite among smokers and dabbers because of its inert quality. However, a discriminating user knows there should be more to a glass piece. Beta Glass Labs is one of the high-end dab rigs that handblown by glass artists who have years of experience creating rigs of exceptional quality.

Who is Beta Glass Labs?

Beta Glass Labs started making their exceptional glass pieces since 2015. The goal is to give medical patients advanced and scientific medical instruments at a reasonable price. It's an American owned and operated company focusing on veterans, disabled, and chronically ill patients.

beta glass labs petra

All of the design and conceptualization happens in their Boston, MA headquarters. Months are put in for designing prototypes that should feature innovation and function. As a result, the designs are minimal. However, what you get ar rigs that have close to zero imperfections.

Each dab rig undergoes strict quality control, with no water pipe passing the production should they have even the slightest mar. The pieces have perfect symmetry, with smooth lines and almost seamless welds. With Beta Glass Labs, you can expect 5mm Schott borosilicate tubing in each and every single dab rig that you get. Each order comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that you only have the most beautiful original piece form the company.

What are the famous glass pieces?

There are a couple of Beta Glass Labs designs that stand out among their collection.


This is the new addition to Beta Glass Labs' family of dab rigs. It's an 8" rig that comes with a 14mm joint. Handcrafted, the Petra boasts of a dual compartment, providing you with a multi-stage diffusion isolated at the lower chamber. You got a 4-hole diffuser on top of a polished showerhead diffuser.

Do you have a Puffco Peak? Beta Glass Labs also has a Petra Puffco Peak attachment that offers the same style, practicality, and functionality.

Alpha Two

The Alpha Two also comes with a combo perc. It's got an angle cut stereo perc connected to a Swiss-style sphere perc. Although 40% smaller than other dab rigs, it still is as great to use. It's designed to give you the best diffusion with crisp, smooth hits. The vortex splash guard keeps your mouth dry even if you're a heavy puller.

It's a beautiful waterpipe adorned with a genuine 23-karat gold label. You can get it in clear Schott borosilicate or in an accented glass design.

How much do Beta Glass Labs rigs cost?beta glass labs alpha 2.0

The rigs cost between $395-$695. Clear, scientific beta glass is more affordable, while accented rigs can cost an additional $100.

What do people say about Beta Glass Labs?

Some compare Beta Glass Labs rigs to those of the Mothership. They do share somewhat of the same classy quality; only Beta Glass Labs is not as intricate. Still, you have thick, durable glass dab rigs, and you instantly feel the quality when you hold it. Say you own a dab rig of the same design as the Beta, you'll get a heftiness that speaks for itself.

The glass pieces really are exceptional. The certificate of authenticity affirms that you've got a museum-like piece. Although crafted by hand using German Schott borosilicate glass, the pieces are near perfect.

Hitting the Beta dab rig is an experience that is above most dab rig brands. The flavors of your concentrates just pop. If you have a discriminating palate, you'll appreciate how the rig will deliver the full characteristics of your herbs.

Should you get one?

Getting a Beta Glass Labs glass piece is something that you certainly can think about getting. If you're after above-average quality at an affordable price, this is the rig for you. It is a bit pricy compared to other dab rigs like Pulsar and Diamond Glass. However, they are a lot more affordable if you're going to look at Maverick Glass, Illadelph, and ROOR. It's a glass worthy of giving yourself to as a gift, and it will undoubtedly become one of your favorite rigs to use.

Do you own a Beta Glass Labs rig? Please do share your experience with us in the comment section! If you're looking for other more affordable yet fully functional glass rigs, please click here to view our store. Don't forget to check out our other glass reviews as well!

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