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Blaze Glass: Affordable German Brand Glass

Blaze Glass: Affordable German Brand Glass
When you get your bong, you want something that will provide you value and durability. Blaze Glass is one of the popular bong brands that you'll see in online headshops that offer quality glass pieces. Let's see what this brand can give us, and if getting one is worth all the hype.

What is Blaze Glass?

German glass is such a superb smoking piece to have, yet they come with a steep price. However, Blaze Glass decided to do things differently. As a German brand, they provide high-quality glass bongs that are affordable.

All Blaze Glass bongs are made using only the highest quality stress-free 3.1 borosilicate glass. Each bong boasts of a 5mm thickness, making them one of the most durable glass products for smokers. The pieces indeed come from Asia, all of which are made only by first-class, highly-skilled glass blowers. Each water pipe undergoes strict quality control, both in the manufacturing site and German warehouse. Any messy wields and rough points will automatically send the bong to the recycle bin.

With such strict quality control, it's no wonder why Blaze Glass has 20 years in the industry and still counting.

Blaze Glass Bongs

These bongs are designed with only one thing in mind: to give you the best smoking enjoyment that you deserve. Connoisseurs love the smooth flavor and the stunning look that this bong provides.

The material is always thick and durable, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bong with a simple accident. Blaze Glass makes sure that each part of the piece provides an added function that will enhance your smoking session.

When most bongs come without a carb hole, some do have it at the side. Not to worry, there's an included carb-stopper should you prefer not to use it.

The Blaze Glass Mix and Match

Ever wanted to create your bong, but you don't have the equipment or glass blowing skills to do so? Blaze Glass created a Mix and Match series that allows you to customize your piece according to your needs. Yes, you'll be assembling your bong using different parts such as the base, down stem, and neck. What limits you is your imagination in creating the water pipe of your dreams.

Blaze Mix and Match Base gives you two options for starting your bong. You've got beaker bases, straight tubes that can be bare or with an inner perc. Of course, this base needs other components like the tube, mouthpiece, and herb slide, depending on what you're after for your bong.

As with any Blaze Glass piece, the removable perc tube is 5mm thick. It can fin to any base that comes with a suitable joint, and you can interchange it with other MIx and Match Kits. The tube has ice notches that can hold in a good amount of ice for cooler hits. There is also an inner joint that will hold in removable perc diffuser for better smoke filtration.

If you're unsure of what to do with your Mix and Match, you can also get a kit to eliminate all the initial planning and guesswork.

The Blaze Glass Gass experience

Some love the idea of making their bong through readily available parts. Each piece connects seamlessly as if you're using a single solid bong. Whether you're using a whole bong or a Mix and Match, one thing is certain: the hits are amazing, and the price is well worth it.

Not many are keen on having a bong with a carb cap. It does provide convenience by eliminating the need to lift the bowl off the stem. However, some prefer to keep the carp capped while in use.

It may be a bit pricy if you compare it to other brands such as Pulsar and Snoop Dogg. However, the innovative designs and the thickness put validation to its moderate pricing. The prices, however, are not as high as HVY Glass and Illadelph which are on another level in terms of glass design.

Blaze Glass is a product that you'll be proud to add to your collection. Should you want something more affordable and more straightforward to use, click here now and choose among our selection. We have bongs from GRAV, Kayd Mayd, and Cheech and Chong that will make your smoking enjoyable, fun, and full of flavor.

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