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Cheech and Chong Glass Review: Fun Times, Fun Rips

Cheech and Chong Glass Review: Fun Times, Fun Rips
Almost every smoker knows the iconic comedy duo Cheech and Chong. Ever since the late ’60s, these two comedians created a wave of followers beginning with their 60’s comedy tour in Vancouver, BC, and their albums. They became well known in the smoking industry with their first feature-length movie, “Up in Smoke” in 1978. Who would have thought that this car scene would soon eventually lead to a Cheech and Chong glass line that many are enjoying today?

What’s the history, and where is Cheech & Chong Glass made?

Ceech & Chong Glass got started when the duo hooked up with West Coast Gifts. The Vancouver-based company is also an established icon in the smoking industry, having a history of spanning decades in designing, manufacturing, and distributing award-winning smoking paraphernalia.

In Smoke Attached Downstem Perc Beaker Bong 7.25 inch Feel like you’re enjoying your herbs with Cheech and Chong as they cruise along the highway setting their car Up in Smoke

It was an onerous task that carries a great weight of responsibility and challenge for both West Coast Gifts as well as Cheech & Chong. Imagine attaching a well-known name to a glass production line. If the product fails, both companies will face serious whiplash from fans all over the world.
However, that was not the case. Cheech and Chong glass pipes undergo extensive Q&A under the intense scrutiny of the two legends. No glass goes out unless the two gave the approval in the design and quality. Unlike other icons, Cheech and Chong want to take part in the production. They will, from time to time, give their suggestions on some designs, whether it’s a new concept or changes on presently sold products.

Cheech & Chong glass pipes

Your Cheech & Chong glass collection range from water pipes, oil rigs, and hand pipes. Each one of these glass pipes come with the unmistakable Cheech & Chong face and logo decals. Some are discreetly decorated like our 10” Cheech & Chong Slide-Out Perc Rig. Some show fun and wild times ahead with amusing full wrap decals of palm trees, hamburgers, clown heads, and, of course, Cheech and Chong.

Cheech & Chong bongs

Cheech and Chong’s glass pipes

These bongs are quite famous for their design and functionality. The sizes are just right, depending on how you want to use your herbs. Take, for example, this Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke Beaker Bong. It’s 7.25” in size, and can really hit you in the face if you don’t hit it right. The Cheech & Chong Straight Neck Bong with Diffused Downstem, on the other hand, allows you to get a greater amount of smoke volume with minimum effort regardless of its 12” size.

These bongs have a flared mouthpiece that fits comfortably around your lips, creating an airtight seal for smooth rips. Made with high-quality borosilicate glass, these bongs are guaranteed to last for long enjoyable sessions either solo or with your crazy friends.

Cheech and Chong dab rigs

If you want to get serious fun with your concentrates, nothing beats dabbing with Cheech and Chong. These dab rigs are made with the same high-quality, thick borosilicate glass. The sizes are just right for enjoying that perfect dab with minimum effort and maximum enjoyment. Our Cheech & Chong Slide-Out Perc Rig stands 10” tall and has a bent neck and flared mouthpiece for smooth, comfortable rips. No awkward leaning over whenever you do your dabs. They also come with one of the most durable, thick quartz banger that vaporizes your concentrates beautifully and efficiently. Low or high temperatures, these quartz bangers can and will deliver the best flavor.

Thick glass, broad base, perfect designs, Cheech & Chong glass pipes are worthy of being a collector’s item for fans and smoking enthusiasts. These glass pieces carry more than just these iconic names. They are beautifully made with high-quality materials and underwent rigorous testing from Cheech & Chong’s sharp, discerning eyes. These pipes are a dream to use. The pull is smooth, and the designs are simple. Nothing too complicated, just simple pipes that give you the simplest yet best smoking experience.

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