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Clover Glass: Unique Glass Pieces

Clover Glass: Unique Glass Pieces
Clover Glass has been providing high-quality glass products since 2010. They offer OEM & ODM one-stop service all over the world. They have more than 1,370 types of glass products available, with 10 new ones coming up per month. Their goal is to provide customers a massive selection of products that will satisfy everyone

There are two major sites where you can get Clover Glass directly, one for individual consumers and the other for wholesale. They created their own store to stand above other online shops that provide mediocre glass pieces and terrible customer service.  They’ll make sure that your order gets to you, and staff will help you track your package until you receive it.

What does Clover Glass have?

You can get different kinds of glass water pipes such as bongs, concentrate rigs, and bubbler.s There are also some hand pipes, dab nails, ash catchers, and other accessories.

Clover Glass bongs

The bong sizes range from 10-19 inches, which are a pretty decent range of sizes that can suit beginners or expert smokers. The designs are all unique, interesting, yet offers good functionality.

One bong style, in particular, is the Dumbbell bong. It stands 10.8: tall and comes in three different colors. This bong has a bent mouthpiece that helps reduce backsplash for a dry, comfortable hit. It’s made using high-quality borosilicate glass that’s 5mm thick for a strong, durable build.

Clover Glass Dab Rigs

The oil rigs also come in interesting designs. You can get one shaped like your favorite fast food disposable drinking cups. There’s also one that looks like a tier of hockey pucks that helps cool down your dabs. Just like the bongs, these come in 5mm thick, high-quality borosilicate glass.

Bubblers and hand pipes

This selection limited compared to the Clover Glass bongs and dab rigs. However, they aren’t lacking in terms of design and creativity. There’s a heart-shaped blunt bubbler that will help make smoking joints and pre-rolls smoother, cleaner, and easier. Some spoons come in classic shapes as well as a few cartoon-inspired designs.

Ash Catchers, Nails and Grinders

You’re in for a treat with Clover Glass ash catchers. These glass pieces come in simple designs with traditional percs like a dual honeycomb perc and 8-arm tree perc. Other designs are a bit more complicated that will make you scratch your head to trying to figure out how they will work or fit your bong.

The dab nails and other accessories are also beautifully designed. The glass blowing skills of the artists who made these clearly shine, providing you with conversational glass pieces that are still functional.

As for the grinders, this is a good brand to go to if you’re tired of the conventional canister-type mills that you’re used to getting. You can have one that’s shaped like a cookie or a Star Wars BB-8 droid.

How much will I be spending?

Bongs cost $154.60-$403.33, while the dab rigs cost $57.00-$313.80. Hand pipes go for $38.10-$137.41. As for the rest, the pricing isn’t available at the posting of this review.

What’s the mode of payment?

You can pay for your orders using DHPay, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express.

Any shipping policy I should know?

All orders are free and dispatched through ePacket service. Since you’ll be getting these pipes from overseas, you have to make sure to know the local customs laws before you place your order. Each package has limited weight of 1.99kg. Should your total orders exceed, they’ll be shipping out in 2 or 3 batches.

You’ll get a tracking number that you can look into at the USPS website. It takes about 10-20 days for your order to arrive, although expect 7-10 days of delay due to weather or travel conditions. What’s unique about Clover Glass is that if your order fails to arrive within 30 days after you receive the tracking number, you’ll get discount coupons as compensation.

DHL and UPS delivery is available and takes about 3-5 days to arrive. You can contact them if you prefer a faster delivery option.

Is Clover Glass legit?

There are no reviews on their retail page to describe what customers experienced with their glass pieces. There are only a few feedbacks that you can see on their Facebook page as well. With the prices within a reasonable range as well as flexible, the brand may be worth looking in to.

If you prefer other brands, we have others in our store like Pulsar, GRAV, and Empire Glassworks. These are already tried and tested brands known for their quality and functionality. Click here now, and we’ll send your glass piece to your preferred address!


  • So I had a bong from you guys and it broke and I’ve been wanting to buy the same one but I don’t see it around any chance you could make another one for me and I’ll send u a picture of what the design is. Please and thank you lol

  • Dabpadzpilot lighterDiamond Glass 18mm 45 Degree Showerhead Perc Ash CatcherThe Medicali Ash Catcher with Showerhead Perc has a colored showerhead percolator and is available to order in a selection of colors. Please select your favorite color from the available option in the drop-down menu when you place your order. Please note that you can select the color of the showerhead percolator, it is not possible to select the color or style of the logo. The logos come in a wide variety of colors and styles, you will receive one at random, depending on availability.


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