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Diamond Glass Review - Is it a Good Brand?

Diamond Glass Review - Is it a Good Brand?
Nothing beats using an expertly made glass piece for smoking. When you buy a bong, you want one that will last you for a long time and can match your smoking needs, right? Also, you want to make sure that you can depend on the brand you’re getting. Diamond Glass bongs are for those who are after functionality and durability, with an awesome look as a sweet bonus. Check out our in-depth review below:

What is Diamond Glass?

Diamond Glass is a known provider of high-quality glass pieces. Just like Illadeph, Diamond Glass is always coming up with different innovative twists to make your smoking and dabbing experience smooth and effortless.

All of their pieces are scientific-like, which means you won’t see heady pieces similar to the dreamy and beautiful Empire Glassworks. Still, you know that what you see is what you get: which is pure functionality with smooth yet hard hits.

Where are Diamond Glass Bongs Made?

The company is based in So-Cal and employs American glassblowers to produce exquisite American-made water pipes and dab rigs. All of their pieces are made in and shipped from the United States of America, so you can trust that their quality is on point.

What products do they have?

You won’t run out of choices with Diamond Glass. The company wanted to make sure that they provide you with almost all the necessary implements based on your smoking needs. You can take your pick from

  • Water pipes

  • Dab rigs

  • Hand pipes

  • Steam rollers

They also have some enhancements and accessories including:

  • Ash catchers

  • Bowls

  • Carb caps

All of these pieces are designed with user experience in mind. They are always crisp and clear, made with high-quality durable borosilicates for long hours of smoking enjoyment. Although these classy items can be considered as high-end pieces, Diamond Glass made their products affordable for everyone.

Simplicity with functionality

You won’t see any elaborate decors or flashy, blinding colors in their designs. The company gave its attention to functionality. Each part of the pipe serves a purpose and enhances your smoking sesh. You won’t see any wasted material that will weigh your piece down, or make it awkward to use.

Most of their pieces are ergonomically designed for your comfort. Others are appreciating of the perfect height for easy rips. DG beaker bongs allow variable water volume, and you can hit them in different ways to get different results.

Color accents make the glass pieces delightful to look at. They offer enhanced aesthetics without adding unnecessary frills. The company stresses on precision, and you won’t see any gaudy looking piece in their collection.

Durability and Quality

You’ll immediately see the quality of Diamond Glass the moment you take every piece out of the box. Each of the parts comes with strong joints, durable connections, and crisp angles that make them look right at home with scientific equipment.

Some bongs and dab rigs can have up to 9mm glass thickness. True that glass will always be fragile and breakable. However, with thick glass pieces, there’s no need to babysit or coddle a DG piece. You can use it as hard and as long as you want without worrying about cracks or breaks.

What are the most popular Diamond Glass pieces?

Here are some popular products you may want to check out:

Diamond Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Beaker Bong 13 inchTree Perc Beaker Bong

13” in height, this classic beaker bong has a wide base provides total stability and ample smoke volume.



Tree Arm Perc Straight Tube Bong

This straight tube bong comes with an ice catcher for cool, smooth hits. 15 inches high, it’s at the right length for comfortable, effortless smoking.



90-degree Showerhead Ash Catcher

Keep your bong cleaner longer and extend your session with this DG ash catcher. Made with durable borosilicates, this American-made attachment has a showerhead perc for smooth, clean hits.

How much are Diamond Glass Bongs?

As for the price? DG bongs are one of the affordable bongs in the market, with some models a bit on the expensive side, but not as much as a RooR or Maverick Glass. Their bongs cost less than $500 in most headshops, and you can get one for less than $100 like our 4.5” Diamond Glass Female Diffused Downstem Perc Recycler Mini Bong. Extremely high quality, this bong was made with portability and durability in mind.

If you want a product “as clear as diamonds,” or products with impressive glass thickness, don’t hesitate to check out DG. Each piece is individually hand blown using some of the most robust borosilicates in the market. The prices vary, from less than a hundred, but rarely will you find one that is above $500. There’s no need to break the bank when you buy DG. Before you go, check out our collection of Diamond Glass bongs. You’ll definitely find one that will suit your taste and smoking pleasure.

Did you find this review useful? Please keep in mind these products are intended for adults. You must be 21 years of age or older for legal use.


  • I’m wondering if there are counterfeit products out there? I bought an online triple filter perculator. With a round middle for $80 at a head shop. I thought it was a steal! I’m sitting on a small size bean bag chair and it slipped and it linoleum wood tile from probably 2 feet high and shattered the bowl and upper part of the stem after further examination I noticed the stem of the bong glass is not that thick and kinda seems like ordinary glass. I ordered the same one on a reputable site for $170 and I’m gonna see if there are differences

  • Dab Pads & Silicone Matsdab nectar collector45 Degree Joint Vs 90 Degree Joint Ash CatcherThis is because the ash catcher would make your piece top-heavy, increasing the likelihood of an accident and breakage. On the contrary, massive bongs are usually paired with large ash catchers to keep the aesthetic consistent.

    one hit pipe
  • Dabpadzdugouts for sale14mm 45 Degree Showerhead Ash Catcher By DiamondThe Medicali Ash Catcher with Showerhead Perc has a colored showerhead percolator and is available to order in a selection of colors. Please select your favorite color from the available option in the drop-down thực đơn when you place your order. Please note that you can select the color of the showerhead percolator, it is not possible to select the color or style of the logo. The logos come in a wide variety of colors and styles, you will receive one at random, depending on availability.

    glow in the dark straw
  • Bong Coasters & Bong Padsmini glass pipe14mm 45 Degree Tree Perc Ash CatcherThis is because the ash catcher would make your piece top-heavy, increasing the likelihood of an accident and breakage. On the contrary, massive bongs are usually paired with large ash catchers to keep the aesthetic consistent.

    cool one hitter
  • Dabpadzbong bowl sizes45 Degree Joint Vs 90 Degree Joint Ash CatcherThe bag is held closed by strong velcro as well as a rubber lined zipper that keeps smells locked inside. The inside has two roomy mesh pockets with enough space for your stash as well as a lighter, a hand pipe, and even a snack. The inside of the pouch also has 100 carbon lining, making the smell-proof security even stronger.

    ash catcher for bongs

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