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The Different Types of Grav® Bongs

The Different Types of Grav® Bongs
Grav® is one of the famous brands of handblown pipes. The company has been around for years and got its fair share of loyal fans. Here’s an overview of what Grav® is all about, the bongs that they make, and what makes their bongs special.

What is Grav®?

Grav® (formerly known as Grav Labs) is a glass company proudly based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2004, Grav remains as the leader in providing glass pipes and accessories that are simple, functional and durable. Constantly upgrading their design and innovation, Grav® continues to produce different scientific glassware that gives the best smoking experience. They once started with a single glass design as an unknown company. Ten years later, Grav® now has several top brands like Helix, Upline, Orbis, STAX, Arcline, and Jane West. Grav® has several smoking devices such as bubblers, hand pipes, and water pipes. We’ll focus for now on Grav’s® waterpipe or bong collection.

The Grav® bongs

Grav® has several bong designs concentrating on function and efficiency, yet are stylish enough to be added to a collection. Here are several of their bong designs and what features make them stand out.

Beaker bongs

Beaker bongs from Grav® always deliver quality rips every time. The whole bong is geometrically balanced that you won’t topple it down easily. Although the beaker bongs come with a wide base, Grav® decided to redesign them to accommodate a lower water line. You don’t have to fill the bong with too much water to enjoy its filtration function. However, you still get the same volume of smoke that beaker bongs are famous for. Another added innovation that you will see is the improved ice catcher, which doubles as a splash guard. You’ll see that feature in this Grav Labs 12-inch Beaker Bong. There may be a slight drag to the beaker bong because of the narrowing at the neck. Stacking bubbles, as well as percs, also becomes limited. Still, you can expect Grav® beaker bongs to provide huge rips each time you light the bowl.

Straight tube bongs

Straight tube bongs from Grav® are as basic as you can get with a bong. There are no frills with Grav® straight tube bong. All you get is affordability topped with quality and efficiency. The walls and base of the straight tube bong are thick, which you can see in the Grav Labs Flare Straight Tube Bong. When other straight tube bongs topple easily, tipping over is not that much of issue with Grav®. Because the tube is straight, you won’t get much drag with each rip. The simplistic design of Grav® straight tube bong will appeal to those who are not a fan of percolators. You either get one that does not have a percolator or just a single percolator. Still, the straight tube bong can stack bubbles, which helps cool down smoke for a smooth experience.

Gravity bongs

The Gravitron is the first product created by Grav® in 2004. It’s the first ever all-glass gravity bong created, and one of the most ruthless smoking device in the market. This bong is great for beginner to advanced smokers. This Gravitron is made with two glass pieces. One is a bottle piece that holds smoke. The other is a vase that holds in water. It’s called a gravity bong because it uses the pull of gravity to get smoke from the bowl. The pieces are made with thick, borosilicate glass for durability. However, should a piece break, it’s easy to score an affordable replacement.

The Gravitron comes in large and extra large sizes and can handle 2-3 smokers at a time. The chamber effectively keeps in smoke as you and your friends share. It’s a really potent device not for the weak at heart. For one, you get massive amounts of smoke that you won’t get in any other bong. Another is that you can force the smoke deeper into your lungs by increasing the pace and force as you push the bong down through the water. Not good for beginners to use often because you’ll build tolerance quickly.

Upline bongs

The Upline is another innovative bong design that has that magical Grav® touch. It’s a complicated piece made for durability and efficiency. No other bong looks just like it. The body is thin and narrow, with spine percs stacked on top of one another in an orderly sequence. This makes for a smooth hit that is full of flavor and power. The upline is perfect for those who don’t have much lung power. A smooth, gentle draw is enough to get the smoke that you want from the bong. It’s frighteningly slender and looks like it would topple over. However, the base is thick and heavy enough to keep the bong in place. It’s also a bit hard to clean and maintain. However, the piece is certainly suitable for those who want a unique, highly functional, and a lightweight bong.

Helix bongs

Helix bongs from Grav® are amazing, to say the least. The Helix is designed to provide you with thick, dense smoke that is also cool and smooth. The Grav Helix Bong also uses varying pressure between the upper and lower chamber to percolate smoke. Smoke gathers in the base, and once you release the bowl, smoke comes up the venture chamber in a swirling motion. The tornado is due to the three micro holes angled in a single direction. As you draw in smoke, you also drag in small bits of cool air that lowers the temperature of your smoke. The result is a cool, smooth toke that is full of flavor. The Venturi chamber also acts as a backsplash guard, which is good for those who chug hard. The bong is made with thick borosilicate glass for substance and stability. The downside is that because it holds a considerable amount of water, it’s got a substantial weight to it.

If you’re looking for a smoking device that is simple, highly functional, Grav® lab bongs are the best for you. Each has their own style and performance that will give you the best smoking experience. Which one is your favorite Grav bong? Share your experience with us in our comment section!


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