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Empire Glassworks: Flawless Glass Pieces that Rip

Empire Glassworks: Flawless Glass Pieces that Rip
If you see bongs, pipes, and dab rigs that look like beautiful bejeweled pieces in online smoke shops, it’s most likely from Empire Glassworks. All their pieces are remarkable manifestations of skill and craftsmanship without sacrificing functionality. You’re sure to get that wow factor visually and efficiency with Empire Glassworks.

What is Empire Glassworks?

Empire Glassworks started as a high-end jewelry store, which is why all their pieces are full of detail and intricately crafted. Established in 2013, the company is a mix of skillful artists that have more than 40 years of experience crafting luxurious decorative glass pieces. Applying skills developed through the years, these expert glassblowers are able to produce exceptional smoking devices that are unique to their brand.

What makes Empire Glasswork Pieces special?

There are several reasons why Empire Glasswork pieces should be added to your collection

Use of the finest materials

Pipes and dab rigs from Empire Glass are made using only the highest quality of glass sourced from the US and Europe. Because of its purity, you get the best smoking experience that you won’t achieve with cheap glass pieces. You get enhanced flavor and smooth hits, giving you and your friends an enjoyable smoking experience.

All pieces are handmade

Every single piece from Empire Glassworks is handmade using a mix of traditional, conventional, and modern glass blowing techniques. Every color mix is also custom-made as well. This means glass pieces, although of the same design, won’t look exactly alike. You have something unique that has a more personal connection with you.

Processed through lampworking and annealing

All novelty pipes from Empire Glassworks are made through lampworking wherein glass pieces are created by using a torch instead of a kiln. This gives artisans more freedom to add details such as what you see here in this Sea Creatures Diffused Downstem Straight Tube Mini Bong.

After each piece is carefully fashioned through “lampworking, it’s carefully annealed or exposed to the heat of over 1000 °F. This tempering makes the pipe stronger, more durable, and have better resistance to high temperatures. Your piece will last longer even after a long and enjoyable dabbing session. The colors also pop, giving you a beautiful piece that you can proudly show off to your friends.

Dichro glass shimmering appeal

Another thing that sets Empire Glassworks apart from other makers of heady glass pieces is their use of Dichroic glass. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but pieces made with Dichroic glass have this shimmer to them that is different from one piece to another. The glass is made by applying several micro-thin layers of various metal such as silver, titanium, aluminum, gold, chromium, magnesium, zirconium, and silicone. These layers are applied to the surface, and the glass piece is fired in a vacuum kiln set in extreme temperatures. The result is an entrancing visual display of colors that changes depending on what angle you’re holding the glass piece.

More than just eye candy

You can’t deny the craftsmanship and dedication in every pipe made by Empire Glassworks. The pieces are so beautiful you can use them as a display, only those who are familiar with it will notice. Can you imagine hitting a spoon fashioned to look like a hotdog? Some pieces are either flashy or discreetly designed that they can pass off as a decoration, not as a smoking piece. Themes range from a cartoon, pop culture, branded sci-fi, as well as whatever imaginative interest spark from their glass artisans.

However, these pieces are more than just for decoration. Many like the way Empire Glassworks pieces deliver smooth hits. There’s no drag or resistance, and the function stays smooth throughout the session. There’s no question in flavor, and the pieces last for years. Have a look at a few of our Empire Glassworks products and see for yourself how each of the pieces will be the perfect fit for your style and needs.

Empire Glasswork bongs

empire glassworks diffused downstem bee bong 10.5 inchBent Neck Bee Bong

Honey and bee lovers will have fun hitting this Bee Bong. The body is made with durable high-quality glass for durability. The diffused downstem helps increase the surface area of the smoke without causing any pull resistance. The wide base creates a steady foundation for comfortable use.


empire glassworks 14mm female diffused downstemp glass noodle bowl bong 6 inchNoodle Bowl Bong

Who said that you can’t get hits from a bowl of ramen? Pay homage to your favorite ramen with this Noodle Bowl Bong. Standing at six inches, this mini bong is easy and fun to use. Instead of sipping soup, you’ll be enjoying the pure flowery taste of your herb.


empire glassworks honey beehive diffused downstem perc bong 8.5 inchDiffused Downstem Unique Perc Bong

Artistic glassblowers in Empire Glass unleashed their creativity again by creating a unique perc bong. With a diffused downstem, this bong not only looks good but filters smoke well. You get smooth, easy hits with the bent neck adding comfort and ease to your smoking session.


Empire Glasswork handheld pipes

Donut Kitty Glass Spoon Pipe

Who doesn’t love cats and donuts? The Donut Kitty Glass Spoon pipe is the perfect gift for those who love sweets. The pink frosting and sprinkles give it an interesting aesthetic accent that makes the piece a joy to use.



Great Barrier Reef Spoon Pipe

Using this piece makes you feel like you’re having an underwater adventure. Just look at the fine details added to the spoon. However, don’t be fooled by its appearance. You’ve got a pretty sturdy spoon to use, and it fits just right in your hand.



Beige Conch Shell Spoon Pipe

Using the pipe gives you the feeling that you’re calling over the creatures of the sea. It’s amazingly realistic that you can place it on your desk and no one will be the wiser.



Empire Glassworks dab rig

Empire Glassworks diffused downstemp mini dab rig 6.75 inchAvocado Dab Rig

Avocado is not just for salads and smoothies. Enjoy your dabs with this Avocado Dab Rig with diffused downstem. It’s a great conversation starter for millennials who just can’t seem to get enough of their avocado.



Empire Glassworks 14mm Female Fixed Diffused Downstem Perc Mini Dab Rig 8.5 inchFruit Punch Mini Dab Rig

Get the summer feel all year round with this tropical-themed mini dab rig. Reminisce the days you spent on the beach or imagine yourself lounging by a swimming pool. This dab rig is heavy, which gives you better stability. The glass handle makes it comfortable and convenient to use. You don’t have to lean forward on a table to get your hits.


Empire Glasswork pushed the bar up in heady glass pieces that function as good as they look. You know you’re only getting the best artisan bong when you see the Empire Glassworks logo. Be sure to check out the rest of our Empire Glassworks bongs, pipes, and dab rigs and add one now to your collection.


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