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Genie Glass Review: Excellent Canadian Brand for Enthusiasts

Genie Glass Review: Excellent Canadian Brand for Enthusiasts
Genie Glass pieces, especially their bongs, are sometimes compared to RooR because of the glass quality. Looking at the pictures, you’ll see the amazing attention to detail. It’s a glass company based in Canada and has several models that smokers and dabbers can’t help but appreciate. Let’s talk more about the brand and what makes it special.

Great quality and durability

If you’re looking for thick glass bongs, this is one of the brands you should consider. They offer beaker bongs and straight tube bongs in 7mm and 9mm thickness, which is more substantial than most bongs. The bong has a good, heavy feel. You have security in knowing that a simple bump or thud won’t break such a bong easily. They do have other bongs in 4.4mm thickness, should you prefer something lighter yet offers more durability.

Genie Glass styles

You can get Genie Glass in several forms. You can have a bong, dab rig, as well as downslides that will compliment your glass piece. The glass pieces are made with durable borosilicate glass, ensuring that you get years of smoking out of your bong or dab rig. The

Genie Bong

The Genie Bong is a beautiful combination of artistic flair, functionality, and engineering. There are serious Genie beaker bongs that are 24” high and 9mm thick. The glass piece can be your traditional scientific glass with the bare essentials like a diffuser downstem and an added ice pincher.

Some pieces are like a walking scientific experiment with style and class. One prime example is the straight fab egg bong that has an inline showerhead perc. It also comes with a honeycomb perc that will provide further diffusion for smooth, clean hits. If you’re someone who loves a glass piece that plays with colors, you can get them as well. It comes in a round base and with a shaped tube that gives you a better grip on the bong.

Still, most of their bongs have a scientific design. If you’re a minimalist or a traditionalist, the simple elegance will be more than enough to capture your attention.

Dab rig

The dab rigs are built almost in the same style as their bongs, but a bit different. They come in sizes that are more suitable for dabbing, although you can have one that is 12” tall. You can get a plain dab rig, or a recycler rig for cooler, smoother hits.

Diffuser downstem

If you’ve got a stemmed bong, you need to have a downstem to link your herb slide to your glass piece. Genie Glass also has different diffuser downstems that you can use to interchange or replace your existing downstem.

The downstems are available with different percs such as:

  • Showerhead

  • 10-hole diffuser

  • Tree-arm perc

  • 6-cut slitted

They come in different sizes that will help you get the most out of your bong.

The smoking experience

There’s no denying that the glass pieces are easy to use. The bongs and dab rigs are stable, giving you the flexibility to accessorize with either ash catchers or dropdown attachments.

When you hit the bong, it milks easily, especially if you got one of their amazing perc bongs. The glass pieces are easy to use, and you won’t have problems with draw resistance. The glass pieces are designed to make smoking and dabbing comfortable as well as convenient.

There are some glass pieces that may need a bit of an improvement. There are some designs that are a bit hard to clean. Some bongs have an excellent function, but an extra room for ice will make them absolutely perfect.


If you’re looking for a Canadian brand that can provide the same quality as high-end glass pieces, this is a brand you should check out.  The quality is excellent, and you have several styles to choose from. It can be hard to find a US distributor since it’s a Canadian brand. However, once you got it, using it is worth the hunt.

If you’d rather use other American brands, don’t hesitate to visit our store by clicking here now! We have several bong and dab rig brand that you can quickly get locally. If you have any questions about our glass products, feel free to contact us or ask in the comment section!

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