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Home Blown Glass Review: A Look at a Local Glass Company

Home Blown Glass Review: A Look at a Local Glass Company
Smokers and dabbers are always looking for American brands because of one major characteristic: exceptional quality that boasts of durability, longevity, and functionality. Home Blown Glass has more than two decades in the industry, but will they still continue to add years to their products?

What is Home Blown Glass?

Home Blown Glass is among the respected and loved American glass company widely known for its continuous innovation on smoking devices. Each piece has a creative flair that is uniquely Home Blown Glass. Their designs are their own yet highly functional that soon made them a worldwide name.

The company has been around for 25 years, providing exceptional glass pieces that will meet your smoking needs. To the regret and dismay of many, Home Blown Glass announced on February 10 that they will be closing their shop located in Santa Rosa. However, they expressed their plans of opening somewhere in the Cotati area and thinking about having their online store.

What are the Home Blown Glass products that I can get?

Previously, there are some cool Home Blown Glass Bongs that you can purchase. These bongs are proudly shown in their social media accounts and come in different eye-grabbing designs. Currently, there are still some Home Blown Glass pieces left for you to grab in different online headshops, but the selections are now limited.

Most of what we see now are dabbing tools like bubble carb caps featuring animal designs and swirly color patterns. Some are a combo of a dabber and a carb tool for a convenient dabbing session. Fans of one-hitters are in luck as there’s an Inside Out One Hitter. Or, you can get a glass slider, so you have a handy pipe that’s like a joint but without the wastage of continuous burning.

Home Blown Glass reviews from customers

Most of the reviews that you’ll find in Yelp about Home Blown Glass date back more than two years ago. However, they’re mostly showing the positive experience that customers got with Home Blown Glass. According to the reviews, the glass pieces are beautiful works of art that are very satisfying. A couple of customers left the store with “empty pockets” yet with their hands full of glass pipes.

If you’re looking for something unique, you won’t leave the store disappointed. You’ll always have something that will suit your smoking style, and you have a knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.

It’s a shame that the store announced its closing, and there’s no update yet regarding their new store. If you haven’t done it yet, you can follow them on their social media accounts and wait for their announcement. That may take a while, though, as the last post was in April, and it’s currently August at the time we posted this review.

Other alternatives for Home Blown Glass

There are other glass brands that you can have a look at that be your next favorite to Home Blown Glass.

Jerome Baker Glass offers colorful, artful pieces that are proudly handmade in California. They use only the finest borosilicate glass, with the pieces at least 5mm thick. They’re mostly known for their color-changing bongs, which are fumed with pure silver that changes color when you use it.

If you’re looking for something simple, classy, and elegant, Jane West Glass can be your brand. With Jane’s collaboration with GRAV, you’ll get beakers, bubblers, tasters, steamrollers, and other herb smoking pipes. Each eye-grabbing piece will give you a social experience that you’ll always remember.

For nature lovers that prefer something more earthy and rustic, Marley Natural has hybrid pipes made of boro glass and sustainable black walnut. The hits are smooth, and you have this deeper, warm flavor that you’ll only get from wood pipes.

Alien Flower Monkey is another American glass company that started in LA, California. The bongs are of beautiful color and geometric designs that make fine conversational pieces. However, the glass quality is a bit lacking considering the price of each piece.

Are you still looking for other affordable smoking tools for your collection? We have affordable pieces that can be your starting device or your favorite session companion. We have bongs from Cheech & Chong, Pulsar, and Empire Glassworks. Click here now, and we’ll send your order to your home address!

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