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Honey Supply Glass: Where did the Bees Go?

Honey Supply Glass: Where did the Bees Go?
Glasswares are known to give amazing sessions, especially when they're crafted and engineered to perfection. We've previously reviewed some of the bong brands such as Kayd Mayd, Ooze Pipe, and Genie Glass. Now we'll have a look at Honey Supply Glass, a glass company suitable for both beginners and experts.

What is Honey Supply Glass?

Honey Supply provides premium yet affordable glass pieces. Based in Los Angeles, California, the brand is a brainchild of Nexus and focuses on innovative designs that offer superior functionality. All glass pieces are made with high-quality borosilicate glass that customers love for durability, thermal resistance, and longevity.

You get the confidence that the glassware you're going to buy is proudly made in the US. They've created some signature pieces by fusing nature to modern glass engineering. The result is the honeycomb percolator, a bong attachment popular for its effective efficiency.

What makes Honey Supply stand out is how the glasses withstand thermal shock. According to some reviews, the brand was able to master the art of producing glass pieces that can take on thermal abuse like the Honey Supply. The popular products that they have include bongs, bubblers, and oil rigs.

All of the glass pieces are decorated with gold decals carrying their unmistakable honey bee logo. Their collection remains small and selective, ensuring that you get inexpensive products that are of high quality.

Honey Supply Bong

The bongs are sturdy and functional. They come in the best shape and size, giving you one of the satisfying sessions. Some of the designs include a Hexacon Triple Honey Comb tube bong, Ratchet Froth Bee Hive bong, and the Juggernaut Bong with showerhead percs.

Aside from the cute little honeybee decals that you see around the bongs, the designs are all simple. Each piece also has its unique style of flower bowls, giving them a distinct appearance. Most of the bongs also come in a stemless design, so you don't have to worry about additional breakable parts.

Honey Supply bubbler

The bubbler is really handy and just the right size for those who are looking for hits with just the right amount of water filtration. One of the highly functional bubblers includes the Inline Stereo Matrix to Dome Bent-Neck bubbler. The percs function in dual synchronicity that provides surprisingly efficient filtration for such a small water pipe.

Honey Supply Dab Rig

The brand also got mentioned as one of the best dab rigs because of the design and functionality. The size is just right for hit that's full of flavor. The rips are strong and you won't have any problems with draw resistance.

Thoughts on the Honey Supply Glass

When the brand came out, not everyone got excited about the products. Many are speculating that the glass products come from China. However, distributors are confident that the pieces come from the US so you can get them fast.

What's interesting is that after all their heavy marketing, everything is almost quiet with Honey Supply Glass. The website is no longer operational, and there's no update in the selection of exclusive distributors. Some of the pages also come up with an error message, saying there's no content.

It's a shame that such a high-quality glass brand didn't survive the competitive world of the glass industry. Do they lack in innovation compared to MJ Arsenal? Or are the glass pieces still expensive despite its affordability if set side by side with GRAV?

With the website gone and the product list lacking in distributors, there's no way of saying what is going on with the brand. The reviews and demo videos date back four years ago, which can be considered outdated. No one can tell if they're still making the same type of glass products or if Nexus Glass decide to let go of the project.

Their social media pages are bare, save for a couple of posts dating back 2016 and 2017. There wasn't any mention either on what the plans should have been for Honey Supply Glass. If you're a fan, you may have to wait a while. However, there also other brands that can offer the same if not better functionality.

We've handpicked some of the best yet affordable brands of smoking glassware that will suit your style and smoking needs. We have Diamond Glass, Empire Glassworks, and Snoop Dogg Pounds that are made using only the best borosilicate glass. Click here to get your glass piece today!

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