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Illadelph Glass Bongs Review: Is This Vendor Legit?

Illadelph Glass Bongs Review: Is This Vendor Legit?
Image source: Illadelph

If RooR is the BMW of bongs, Illadelph is tagged as the Louis Vuitton of glass pieces. Founded in 2002, Illadelph desires to deliver high-end functional lines of borosilicate glass art. The creative minds of Illadelph combined forces in order to create exceptional bongs as well as go beyond the boundaries of glass pieces.

Illadelph innovations

During the course of their business, Illadelph was able to improve the design and technology of the glass pipe industry. Some of their improvements that are now industry standards are the:

  • Coil condensers

  • Disc perc

  • Up stem ash catchers

  • Multi-hole bowl designs

  • Pyramid percs

These innovations and the high quality of glass pieces made Illadelph one of the long-standing and strongest brands in the glass industry. However, Illadelph prefers exclusivity and only offers their glass pieces to select online smoke shops.

How much do Illadelph bongs cost?

Illadelph bongs are one of the costly bongs in the market. When you see the quality, you’ll understand the reason why it’s one of the sought-after bongs for collectors.

All Over Prints Series

These series come in beaker and straight bong styles. IT’s made with 5mm thick borosilicate glass and has a colored downstem. Straight tubes have 7mm colored foot for stability. You can have a choice of 17”, 10”, and 21”. For straights, this series can cost $580-$620. For beaker bongs, this Illadelph bong can cost $820-$860.


Signature Series

The 5mm Production Series also come in straight and beaker bong styles. It’s made with 50mm diameter tubing that is 5mm thick with a colored downstem. The color band accents add a beautiful focal point, combining design and sophistication to the glass piece. It also serves as an identifier that makes the bong stand out from the crowd even if you’re miles away. The Signature Series also comes in 17”, 20” and 21”. The Signature Series costs $580-$620 for straights, and $730-$770 for beaker. If you want to customize and get a Collins coil, you’ll need to add $2,200 for your bong.

Honeycomb Illadelph Bong with Signature Collins Beaker

This Honeycomb Illadelph bong comes in beautiful opaque orange color with a clear Collins Beaker and a Pyramid perc. It’s about 19” tall and has a 5” beaker base for stability. It’s has a three-point ash catcher near the neck of the beaker to give you room for more ice.
There are other Iladelph bongs available, but they only offer limited stocks for online shops. Most of their products are sold in local smoke shops that are listed on their website.

Illadelph bong series

You have several series to choose from depending on your style and budget. Illadelph’s bong line includes:

  • Production Series (5mm, 7mm, 9mm)

  • Signature Heavy Hit

  • All Over Print

  • Platinum Scope

  • Black Scope

  • Mini-Delphs

You can also get custom water pipes that are a collaboration of different artists. The result is a combination of breath-taking aesthetics with high functionality. These bongs are unique and highly sought after by bong collectors and smoke aficionados.

Quality of Illadelph bongs

Illadelph bongs have a solid quality feel to it, especially the ones made with 9mm glass. They are durable and don’t easily break compared to other bongs. All of their bongs are American made and created by American glassblowers. These bongs are designed to last long and provide years
Now, if you’re in doubt of the quality of the Illadelph bong that you got, do a little quality check. Because of the fame and demand for Illadelph bongs, counterfeiters often create fake ones that may look like Illadelph but don’t have the same quality.

Getting your rips

The pyramid perc makes diffusion and filtration easy and smooth. Their diffuser downstem is also created in such a way that you get to utilize maximum surface area without affecting pull quality. The Collins Beaker base also adds further functionality that makes your rips smooth.

Other Illadelph attachments help improve your smoking experience such as the Illadelph ash catcher and the glycerin coil condenser. These attachments help give you clean hits as well as a cool smoking experience.

The verdict

Illadelph bongs are beautiful functional bongs hands down. The company aims to improve the overall smoking experience, and they prove it through constant innovations and design. All Illadelph bong users love how their bong functions. They get big rips, and the pull is smooth regardless of the massive size of their bongs. Using the clip gives your slide further stability and prevents you from accidentally breaking the joint whenever you take out the bowl.

However, regardless of how smooth the rips you get on the Illadelph, some are raising issues about the quality as well as extravagance. Maybe they got the bong from an unauthorized dealer, we don’t know. They take their exclusivity seriously, and with good reason. Still, you can’t deny that these bongs cost the roof. A lot of smokers compare the quality with RooR and Toro, although there are those who are not impressed with the quality.

Does the company live up to the hype? With previous issues with glassblowers and the quality of work throughout the years, there’s a valid reason why some question if this vendor is worth the try. If you have money to spend on a thousand-dollar bong, then why not? Smokers using the Illadelph bong don’t have anything negative to say about it. Probably a placebo effect of the price, because it’s going to be a real painful blow if you pay hundreds of dollars on a bong and you don’t get to enjoy it.

If you’re looking for high-quality craftsmanship and original innovation, you can count on Illadelph for the advanced smoking experience. But for those who are after practicality and affordability, there are other affordable bongs that provide the durability that you’re looking for. Some of the scientific bongs brands that you might want to try out include:

If you still want to get your hands on an Illadelph bong, make sure that you only get them from authorized dealers. This way, you’ll know that the bong you’re getting is authentic and worth the money.

Have you tried using an Illadelph bong? How was your experience? Please feel free to share your reviews in our comment section!


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