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Jane West Collection: A Sophisticated Collab

Jane West Collection: A Sophisticated Collab
Ever wonder what will happen if class and sophistication join together with functionality? You'll have a good look at it in the Jane West Collection!

Jane West Glass

Design can do wonders to elevate consumer experience, and that is something that Jane West believes in. Collaborating with GRAV, Jane worked with a team of highly skilled glassblowers and designers that have years of experience under their sleeves. Everyone spent a year drafting, making, and redesigning until finally, they pulled together what you know now as the Jane West Glass Collection.

The Jane West Collection is a fine set of glassware made from the best borosilicate glass in the world. Each piece has a classy yet modern look that will make it a fine addition to any home. The pieces will be screaming for you to use or have them on display, boasting a new standard on beauty for glass. Whether you're smoking solo or killing task after task in your home office, these glass pieces will provide a smooth smoking experience they're designed for.

There are three colors to choose from that will surely match your style. The first is the Cobalt Collection which boasts of a mesmerizing deep blue color achieved from pure cobalt ore. Next came the Cloud Collection that comes in smooth, milky white that gives an impression of purity and simplicity. If you want something fun, light, and refreshing, the Mint Collection is sure to give you a cool smoking experience.

The Jane West Collection pieces

To fully understand why its #BetterWithJane, here are the glass pieces in the series.

The Beaker

The elegance of this piece instantly captures your attention. Although it looks perfect as a centerpiece because of its unique, elegant design yet features the smooth functionality of a classic water pipe. It's got a fixed diffuser downstem hand-finished 14mm joint for a seamless finish. It stands 10" and has a 6" beaker base for stable smoking and good water volume.


The Bubbler

Water filtration can come in style, and that's what you get with The Bubbler. At 5.5" tall, this piece gives you the smooth filtration of a bong at a portable size. The design is well-balanced, and it's comfortable to hold in your hand. With the carb hole on the left, it's easy for you to control your hits, whether you're left or right-handed.


The Taster

Go through herb conventions and exhibits in style with Jane West's signature one-hitter. It's your bet for a quick tasting session when your friend brings along a delicious herb for you to try. It's just 3" long, so If you're dispensary hopping, it's a great companion to bring along.


The Steamroller

This pipe is going to hit you like no other. It's 4.25" long and has a reinforced mouthpiece for a secure, comfortable hit. The Steamroller has a large funnel bowl that can hold a good amount of herbs for a powerful hit. The pipe feels good on your hand, and you won't be embarrassed to have your guest use it


The Spoon

Spoons aren't supposed to be delicate, but The Spoon looks like one. However, the luxurious façade belies the sturdy reliability of this pipe. AT 3.75", it's a pipe that you can bring almost anywhere. As with all Jane West Collection, The Spoon has an ergonomic mouthpiece that makes it smooth and easy to use.

The Jane West Experience

The careful planning and attention given to the pieces paid off. Many admire the modern and contemporary designs of the glass pieces. With different colors and smoking devices to choose from, Jane West made sure to elevate your enjoyment to a whole new social level.

There's only one thing that takes out points from the series. It's hard to see inside the pipe, especially the cobalt blue series. If you take it under low-light conditions, the cobalt blue will appear almost black. It doesn't change the smoking experience, but it does make maintenance a bit of a chore. You can't tell whether or not the pipe needs cleaning. This can be easily remedied with regular cleaning, something that pipes as beautiful as these truly deserve.

There are other alternatives if you prefer to have a clear, scientific glass piece. We have glass pipes from Diamond Glass, Pulsar, and GRAV that will be proud additions to your collection. Click here now, and we'll get your bong or water pipe delivered straight to your address!

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