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Jerome Baker Glass Review: Stunningly Creative Pieces

Jerome Baker Glass Review: Stunningly Creative Pieces

Some glass companies started out small until they became well-known brands in the smoking industry. Jerome Baker Glass came from humble beginnings and is now one of the iconic brands among glass users. We’ll take a look at the company’s history, how they came to where they are now, and what pieces they offer.

The History of Jerome Baker Designs?

The company was founded by Jason Harris, who started out as a humble apprentice under Bob Snodgrass. Mr. Snodgrass was the one who spearheaded the modern pipe-making industry, with his influence spread to over tens of thousands of pipe makers originating from Eugene, Oregon.

Between 1991-2003, Jason was on a roll. He incorporated Jerome Baker Designs and hired friends that he met while on the Grateful Dead tour. Along the way, he forged relationships with a number of herb farmers, which he maintained to this day. The shared knowledge landing him a 1996 Best Product award and Second Place for Best Booth.

Things started to take a positive turn when Jason took in SaeedMohtadi as CEO. They drove JBD from $350,000 a year to $4 fast. Soon enough, they created 21 different styles of bongs catering to celebrities and rockstars from different decades.

However, things took a dive when Jason Harris got arrested during Operation Pipe Dreams. Along with him was the famous Tommy Chong, as well as 55 others. At that time, there were 70 employees working in JBD.

JBD transformed into a lifestyle and apparel brand until the advent of legalization. JBD got re-established as one o the icons in the artistic flameworking/pipe-making community. Currently, you’ll see the pipe pieces in Australia, Canada, Germany, and Spain. They bagged the “Best Glass” in Sonoma County and carried with them the second place title for “Best Glass” in Sacramento.

Jerome Baker glass pieces

All Jerome Baker Glass pieces are proudly handmade in California, US. Each piece is a wonderful glass art that shows the skill and craftsmanship of the glass artist. Every single one is beautifully created and has its own unique flair. No two Jerome Baker bongs are exactly the same, so you’ll know you’ll get a unique piece that will only be your own.

JBD uses only the finest borosilicate glass that’s 5mm thick for durability and dependability. Most are fumed with pure silver, making your bong change color with use. It’s a visual display that enhances your smoking experience with the bong.

Most of the bongs feature a bubble base for a classic, elegant look. One of their brands, the Mothership, features the current glassblowing techniques that make it a highly collectible item.

The JBD experience

The pieces bring joy and satisfaction to those who get them. Whether you buy them for you as a gift, the receiver will truly appreciate the craftsmanship and attention given to making the glass. The bongs are heavy and thick. One user is scared of dropping it as it’s liable to break his foot instead.

You would expect that a bong of this artistic detail will be thin and easy to break, but the thickness and durability are obvious the moment you take your bong out of the box. True enough, what you’ll get has its own unique flare in terms of colors and accents that only enhances the beauty of the piece.

There’s no sacrifice on the functionality of the bong. Old school the design may be, it gives a classic experience. It chugs like a beast, giving smooth rips that hits the spot. What’s good about it is that the price range is also affordable. Some, however, to above $500 for limited edition designs.

Jerome Baker is an award-winning glass brand that you’ll be proud to own in your collection. It’s a great go-to piece with its dependable, strong build and a wonderful collector’s item.

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