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Kayd Mayd: 3D Printed Bongs with Serious Rips

Kayd Mayd: 3D Printed Bongs with Serious Rips
Bongs continue to evolve throughout the years. From glass, acrylic, and silicone, you’d think that’s where the fun stops. Then came Kayd Mayd bongs and pipes that come with exciting geo designs that make

What are Kayd Mayd pipes?

Kayd Mayd 3D Plastic 14mm Female Glass Diffused Downstem Perc The Big Gulp Bong 20 inch

Kayd Mayd created pipes that are extremely durable, beautiful, yet highly functional. These US-made pipes are steadily gaining popularity because of their unique appearance, colors, and patterns. This attractive color and shape mapping is created through the modern technology of 3D printing.

If you’re not familiar with 3D printing, it’s the process of creating 3D objects using a computer-generated design. Designers in Kayd Mayd will create a design concept through a computer program. Once it’s ready for printing, the printer processes the data and uses tubes of bioplastic to start making the design. The string of plastic is carefully melted and “printed” layer by layer, the same process as building a house with bricks.

3 Qualities in One

When you get a Kayd Mayd pipe, you’ll notice three things. It’s got the brilliance and shine of glass, giving it a pleasing aesthetic. Although it’s made of plastic, it doesn’t have a matt finish that you would expect from dense material.

Your pipe also has the durability of silicone. You can throw and drop it, and it’s not going to get chips or cracks as easy as glass. It’s the perfect bong for those who have butter-fingers or are prone to knocking over their bong. A plus is that your 3D printed bong will retain its shape throughout the years of use. When silicone bongs are malleable, bending to whatever pressure exerted on it, Kayd Mayd pipes are different. They retain their shape, giving it an edgy, sophisticated appearance.

These pipes are also lightweight. They may be a touch heavier than some acrylic pipes, but they are lighter than most glass and silicone pipes. It’s a great travel companion that you can take with you anywhere without adding additional burden to your luggage.

Kayd Mayd Plastic 14mm Female Glass Diffused Downstem Perc Bong 9.25 inch

Kayd Mayd bongs

When you get your Kayd Mayd 3D bong, you’ll be mesmerized on how precise the designs are. The stylish and unique designs make them interesting conversational pieces that make smoking a fashion statement.

One such example is the Kayd Mayd 3D Akimbo Bong. It’s got a diffuser downstem that increases the surface area of smoke, making it easier to clean and filter. The smoke chamber splits into three tubes before converging together at the mouthpiece. This helps cool smoke further and eliminate splashback.

Do you prefer a more traditional appearance and design? You can get a Kayd Mayd 3D printed glass bong hybrid like this Kayd Mayd Trong Tri-Tube Water Pipe. It’s got a standard beaker base design with an added “pouch” for your glass herb slide. To add functionality and fun, Kayd Mayd split the smoke chamber into three tubes. The tri-tube stem aids in cooling down smoke yet don’t create additional drag or smoking difficulty.

Kayd Mayd also has a 3D printed bong for those who love cool hits. This Kayd Mayd Printed Water Pipe comes with an ice catcher located low within the stem. This gives you more room to add as much ice as possible. In a 12” bong, that is a lot of ice! Perfect for individuals who have difficulty in taking regular herb smoke from a bong. Of course, you need to watch the water level as the ice melts.

Why get Kayd Mayd Printed bongs?

3D printing is a technology that is changing many industries such as food, construction, and even smoking. It’s an innovation that brings together style, durability, and stability. The possibilities of different bong designs are endless, and so is your capacity to have fun and enjoyment with your herbs. It’s an ideal smoking companion for herb lovers who are always on the go. It’s shatter-resistant, capable of retaining its shape and provide exceptional flavors. Although crafted in plastic, Kayd Mayd uses only the finest quality materials. They won’t react to heat and give off any fumes that can interfere with your smoking experience.

Want to have your own Kayd Mayd 3D bong? We’ve selected some of the best and affordable Kayd Mayd bongs that will fit your smoking needs. Once you get past their unique pattern and shape, these will be the bongs that you’ll use more and more every day.

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