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Marley Natural: In One with Nature

Marley Natural: In One with Nature
Most brands of smoking accessories are scientifically functional. Although they are beautiful to look at like Blaze Glass, GRAV, and Black Leaf, they don’t have that earthy appeal like Marley Natural.

What is Marley Natural?

Marley Natural is on a mission to provide a smoking product line that is a reflection of the Marley ideology. From flower, smoking accessories, to body care products, everything is a reflection of their genuine respect for nature and her nourishing benefits.

All those working in the company are believers in progress. They’re offering more than just accessories, but also an exceptional lifestyle that carries Jamaica’s vibrant energy. Fans of Bob Marley will be happy to note that they are the official Bob Marley herb brand.

The flower line

Marley Natural cultivates, packs, and distributes all of their buds with careful attention on maintaining a sustainable relationship with nature. These flowers come in the following series:

  • Core

  • Studio

  • Heritage

You’ll get these series in three popular forms: flower, pre-rolls, and vapes.

The flowers are carefully hand-selected from old-school favorites to unique and exotic variations. From their careful selection of flowers come premium pre-rolls. Each is prepared in unbleached paper and a crutch filter for a smooth experience. All are tested for purity, potency, and safety, delivered in reusable tins for discrete storage. Vapers aren’t left behind with vape cartridges loaded with herb oils extracted through a hydrocarbon-free process. With added flower terpenes, the vape cartridges give you balanced hits for a positive Marley experience.

Smoking Accessories

Of course, you can’t enjoy the herbs without your smoking accessories. Marley Natural has a smoking line of hand pipes, bubblers, and bongs in two designs.

One is purely made of smoked glass, giving the brand a cool sophistication that is simple yet elegant. The natural series is a becoming hybrid of borosilicate glass and beautiful, sustainable black walnut.

Hand pipesmarley-natural-spoon-pipe

You have three choices for your hand pipes, all of which carefully designed for functionality and ease of use.

The glass taster is made from thick hand-blown boro glass that offers portability. What’s unique about this piece is the solid mouthpiece that gives substance to the one-hitter as well as balance. The smoked glass spoon pipe seems like it’s got a levitating bowl. However, it offers good volume for both packing your herbs as well as cooling down the smoke for smooth draws. If you want something to knock you off of your feet, there’s also a steamroller that has a pressed bowl for a good pack.

These pipes also come in hybrids, with unique designs that make them distinctly Marley Natural.

Marley Natural Bubbler

The bubbler is one of the popular smoking accessories by Marley Natural. The all-glass one-piece bubbler boasts of a beautiful symmetry and intelligent proportions. You have an eight-slit perc stem plus a built in ash catcher for smooth, clean hits. The generous carb functions both as a regulator and a drain for easy use and maintenance.

The glass and walnut bubbler is a hybrid that is a class of its own. You can use it as a water bubbler or a dry pipe if you will. It’s got a large base that provides space for ample water volume, while the globe-shaped perc gives you smooth hits like no other.

Beaker-style water pipe 12”

Beaker bongs are famous because of their stability, good water volume, and, most of all, they look good. The Marley Natural all-glass waterpipe features a rasta approach that adds character to the bong. It’s got an eight-slit perc for a smooth sesh, and a built-in ice catcher for cool sessions.

Of course, it also comes with a hybrid version that is an excellent mix of hand-blown borosilicate glass and black walnut. The hybrid also comes with a five-hole downstem and an ice catcher for a great smoking ritual that is closer to nature.

Other accessories

To make your smoking sessions better, Marley Natural also offers other accessories. For those on the go, you have the Small Holder that can protect and seal your pre-rolls while you travel. If you want something more functional than a dugout box, they also have a small case. For travel-friendly prepping, you can get a four-piece grinder that has a magnetic top and removable screen for convenient and spill-free grinding.

Is Marley Natural worth the price?

Although these smoking pieces have sleek designs and offer great functionality, each comes at an affordable price. As for the one-hitters and steamrollers, other brands offer almost the same experience at a lower cost.

For those looking for smoking accessories on a budget, we’ve got you covered. Click here now, and we’ll have your order delivered at your doorstep!

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