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Mothership Glass: Luxury Top-Shelf Glass Pieces

Mothership Glass: Luxury Top-Shelf Glass Pieces
Among luxury glass pieces like RooR and Illadelph, the Mothership Glass is a class of its own. From $400-accessoreis to $30k collector’s items, everyone is scrambling to get their hands on one. One collector’s item got a staggering $200,000 in an auction. What makes them so in demand that people are willing to spend thousands of dollars just to get one?

What is Mothership Glass?

Back in 2012, Scott Deppe had a vision of creating elite and luxurious glass pieces that are unparalleled in function and design. Scott is a highly known, well-respected master craftsman of breathtaking skills whose name has made a mark in the glass industry. Glassblowers joining him in his quest were Jake Colito as well as other artists such as Quave, Jake Colito, 2ba, Punty, Uba and Dosa. This collaboration soon gave birth to Mothership Glass, a Bellingham based company that provides glass smoking pieces dedicated to improving the smoking culture.


Mothership glass rigs and bongs

Mothership rigs are beautifully made though exceptional glass blowing skills, high-quality German Schott glass. One of their famous designs is the Ball Rig, a simple, basic, yet highly complex dab rig. Only a skilled glass artisan can make a rig have a fully functioning sphere inside a ball chamber.

One Of the innovations that they made is the creation of the Faberge Egg bong. It’s the 3D version of the Swiss perc. A lot of smoking connoisseurs are in love with the Mothership Faberge Egg bong because of its efficient smoking action as well as percolation.

All Mothership glass pieces are constantly undergoing a systematic production process that constantly evolves. As the smoking culture changes, the company is also ramping their glass-blowing techniques and production. Some believe that they use top of the line lathes and lasers to create their Faberge Egg series.

The Honeypot swing

Another amazing innovation from Mothership Glass is the Honeypot swing-arm. You have a banger that you swing inside the dome for vaporizing your dabs. The banger holds the vapor, while the dome holds in all that essential concentrate goodness. No vapor goes to waste. The swingarm also helps keep the heat away from the Mothership dab rig, which is a good way to prevent thermal transfer.


Mothership quality control

Except for a few quartz accessories, all Mothership smoking piece only uses high-quality German-made Schott Duran Borosilicate Glass. They use American-made colors for accents utilized in specialized techniques that deliver the distinct Mothership appeal. Although the company uses the most modern technology for their glass pieces, all products are proudly hand made. A single piece can take up to 30 hours to complete. As a result, no glass is exactly the same as the other. You won’t get any mass-produced glass from the Mothership.

Every piece is carefully and strictly inspected with crazy attention to detail. A number of glass pieces don’t even make out of production if the stringent inspectors see even the tiniest bit of flaw. Once the piece passes the grade, that’s the time they send the pieces out to their official retailers.

Should you buy a Mothership bong?

Mothership glass prices are no joke. With prices going up to the thousands, not everyone can afford to get one. Still, their designs are superb, and the master artisan skills are undeniable in every glass piece. With such careful skill and high attention to detail, you only get a limited number of pieces. The company does not believe in mass-producing pieces. Only a select number goes for production to maintain the quality of the glass products. It’s impossible to maintain the highest of standards while producing a huge quantity of glass pieces and keep up with the demands of discriminating consumers

Some scoff at the price of Mothership glass, saying it’s overpriced and overhyped. However, some believe that the money invested is well worth it. You’re not paying for the glass piece itself, but for the culture and experience that the Mothership brings to the table. It’s their innovative design and high functionality. Although fake Mothership glass bongs and dab rigs are cheaper, they don’t offer the same experience and exceptional quality as original ones. It would be better for you to get a different brand of water pipes rather than cheap knockoffs if you don’t want to spend too much for a bong.


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