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Nucleus Glass: Thick, Affordable Pieces

Nucleus Glass: Thick, Affordable Pieces
If you're going to get a bong, you might as well get one with thick glass. However, these bongs can be expensive, which is something that Nucleus Glass decided to address.

What is Nucleus Glass?

Nucleus started in 2016 in Central New Jersey, USA. They're on a mission to create high-quality products that all smoking enthusiasts can afford. As an average smoker, access to premium glass pieces is a challenge. Nucleus targets quality in all of their products, ensuring that you get beautiful pieces that are still practical and functional.

From the start, Nucleus continues to make innovations in their designs. All pieces show sleek curves and smooth welds, showing their attention to detail. They use the high-quality borosilicate glass to make sure your pieces stay as good as the day you got it.

Nucleus Glass has some of the best selling pieces that will make them a fine addition to your collection. What's good about their products is that these best sellers won't cost you an arm and a leg. The most expensive pice costs as much as $200 yet offers a smooth functionality that is worthy of its price

Nucleus Glass bongs and dab rigs

Nucleus Bongs come in glass and silicone material. The perfect balance of size and shape allows you to enjoy your herbs to the fullest. With at least 5mm thickness, all of the glass bongs and rigs are highly dependable.

The scientific glass pieces are famous for their The beaker bongs offer excellent stability and flavor without needing too much water. One such piece is their beaker bong, which can also serve as a dab rig. Despite its minnish 5-inch size, the hits are strong and full of flavor. With a 45-degree angled joint, you can easily convert it to a dab rig. By keeping the flame away from the body, you have better confidence in knowing that you won't be torching your rig by accident. Another particularly unique feature is their donut ice catcher. The unique design of this attachment allows you to put in ice with less worry on big chunks falling inside the water pipe.

Silicone bongs

Since they specialize in glass pieces, Nucleus Glass doesn't offer as much variety as do Eyce. However, their silicone pieces are highly durable, dishwasher safe, and can accompany you in almost every trip and travel. It has a melting point of over  1200˚F, making it ideal for long sessions, and even for dabs. They're so easy to clean and works great for those who always break their bongs.

Nucleus Accessories

Of course, Nucleus understands that accessories enhance your smoking experience. They also their own brand of grinder and a silicone ashtray to keep your smoking sesh neat from start to finish. There a barrel perc ash catcher to help further clean your smoke for a smoother, better experience.

They've got a butane torch that's lightweight yet can go as high as 2450°F. If you want to go flameless, then you have an e-nail kit that comes with a 20mm coil that can fit any joint size and gender.

Do you want easy cleaning? Nucleus also has cleaning kits that have 99% pure iso alcohol, rock slat, and pipe cleaners.

Nucleus Vaporizers

Nucleus also has a couple of vaporizers that are popular among those who are loyal to the brand. For a price less than $100, you can get a digital dry herb vaporizer that has adjustable temperatures ranging from 200°F to 428°F. It's an ideal beginner vaporizer that will hit you hard, especially at high temperatures.

Nucleus made it their business to offer quality smoking pieces at an affordable price. Whether you're getting a scientific bong, a heady recycler, or even a small ash catcher, you can depend on Nucleus Glass.

You won't see any elaborate designs as you would with Empire Glassworks and Mothership. To keep their pieces maintain an affordable price, Nucleus concentrates more on simplicity with functionality. Others say it's within the line of GRAV, if not equally excellent. There are other much better bongs in the market in terms of design and engineering but won't offer the same affordability.

Are you looking for something more affordable? Click here to check out our store. We have a selection of smoking devices that come at budget-friendly prices. All are pieces are carefully handpicked according to style, practicality, and functionality that will fit your smoking style.

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