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Ooze Pipe Review: Stylish Silicone Hybrids to Try

Ooze Pipe Review: Stylish Silicone Hybrids to Try
Silicones pipes are okay, but knowing how thick your smoke is and when it’s time to clean the pipe. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pipe where you can see the smoke chamber? That kind of pipe will also let you know that it’s time for a cleanup. Here’s where an Ooze pipe comes in handy.

What is an Ooze pipe?

Ooze started in 2007, focusing on vapes. Their vapes are one of the known brands that deliver great flavors. Several years after, they came out with a new product for concentrate and herb lovers who prefer a more traditional way of smoking.

Ooze silicone pipes can be considered a cross between a glass and a silicone pipe, which is why some will call them a hybrid. The pipes are made with high-grade heavy-duty silicone that is durable and can last for years.

Getting an Ooze silicone pipe opens your door to a lot of options. There are many designs to choose from, whether you’re getting a bong, bubbler, or a hand pipe.

ooze silicone glass 14mm female bubbler with quartz banger Looking like something from an alien planet, the Ooze Trip

The Ooze silicone bubbler

The Ooze silicone bubbler is one of the uniquely designed bongs that you’ll see. There is one traditional-looking bubbler bong, which is the Ooze Stack. Looking at it, it’s like your usual bong in terms of shape and design. However, this silicone bubbler comes with a boro glass that helps you see how thick the milk is getting inside it. What’s more, the bubbler comes in removable parts that make cleaning, storing, and carrying easy.

For something a little more out of this world, have a look at the Ooze Trip Bubbler. This dual-purpose bubbler allows you to enjoy herbs or concentrates at will. Yes, the Ooze silicone material has such a good quality that you can even do dabs with your bubbler.

For water and boat lovers, you can also try out the Ooze Steamboat bubbler. This one is longer than it is taller, more like a hotdog bun in length and thickness. With its flat belly, it stays secure on any tabletop and won’t easily tip over.

Another silicone pipe to try out is the Ooze Silicone Glass Kettle Bubbler. It’s a beautiful silicone-boro glass hybrid design that allows you to remove the glass chamber for quick cleaning and refill. With the way the silicone is wrapped over the glass, this bubbler won’t easily break. This water pipe is also designed to work with your dab pen for smoother, torch-free dabs.

Ooze Black Red Food-Grade Silicone Bong With 14mm Quartz Banger 6.25 inch The Ooze Kettle Bubbler

Functionality and convenience all in one

These bubbler pipes are fun and easy to use. All of your Ooze silicone pipe comes with a magnetic dab tool holder. It’s marked by a lightning symbol located at the base of the joint. You don’t have to constantly look for your dab tool or suffer losing it in the middle of a good sesh.

These bubblers are amazingly stable. Because of the non-slip surface of the silicone material, the bubblers aren’t easily disturbed. Except for the Steamroller bubbler, all Ooze water pipes come with a suction base. A simple push and twist against a smooth surface and your bubbler aren’t going anywhere.

Now you may be thinking: dabbing and silicone? That’s like asking for a world of hurt, we all know silicone will melt. Ooze has got that covered. You don’t have to worry about accidentally melting your bubbler when you use it for dabs. The material can withstand high temperatures, and won’t melt quickly.

As for the flavor, you only taste the flavor of your herbs and concentrates. The pull and smooth, with no resistance at all. The bent necks allow you to smoke or dab in comfort while limiting splashback. No dirty water to ruin your sesh.
Get your Ooze pipe now

Tough, durable, functional, and full of flavor are the words that can describe your Ooze pipe. The bright, bold colors make them stand out, with their versatility and style knocking you off of your feet. It’s a rocking pipe to use and well worth the money. These pipes are also affordable, not even hitting the $50 mark in your budget. Whether you’re a casual smoker or a serious dabber, the Ooze silicone pipe can give you the best sesh for a hybrid.

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