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Tank Glass Bong: One of the Most Durable Bongs on the Planet

Tank Glass Bong: One of the Most Durable Bongs on the Planet
Tank Glass Bong pieces are proudly blown in California. The goal is to craft the most durable and functional beaker bongs that you’ll be eager to have in your collection. The bongs that they have are amazingly thick, made with high-quality Class-A borosilicate glass.

The Tank Glass Bong isn’t indestructible by a long stretch. On their website, they stated that the bongs come with a lifetime guarantee. If in case you break it, they’ll send you one as a replacement. Glass is glass, and no matter how thick or strong the material may be, it will still break. What you get is a really strong bong that can withstand the roughest treatment that a smoker can dish out.

You can throw it high, drop it on a stairwell, and even use it as a hammer in case you need one. We don’t recommend it, though, as a glass bong is meant only for one thing: for enjoying your favorite herb to the fullest.


What is the Tank Glass Bong?

Tank Glass bong is made with 9mm thick glass, making it one of the thickest and most durable bongs in the market. Its reinforced base provides extra strength, allowing it to withstand more than a thud or two even on a strong marble top.

The joints are often the weakest part of a bong. Many experienced losing a bong or two because of joints breaking due to stuck-on slides and downstems. Tank Glass made the joints uber thick, so you don’t have to worry too much too often about broken joints.

The bongs don’t come with percs, but they all have ring ice catchers. Located low and just above the water chamber, you have enough room to use a significant amount of ice to cool down your hits. All bongs come with a 14mm Tank Bowl and a Max Glass downstem, so you can use it almost immediately when you get it. There’s also a free carrying bag so that you can bring your bong with you anywhere you go.

There are different Tank Glass bongs to choose from:

The Original Tank Beaker

This is the one that started it all, the baby that you see tumbling down the stairs and getting thrown on roof decks. It’s 12” tall, so it’s more than capable of giving you those big, bold hits that you’re after.

Tank Max

It’s the largest in the series, standing a good 18” that can challenge most veterans in the industry. Make sure that you’re lungs are primed because this one will give you face-melting hits.

Tank Mini

Slow, light, and easy is sometimes better, especially after a long, tough day. Tank Glass also has a bong that’s 8” tall, ideal for a leisurely session and traveling individuals. With its thick walls, it can be an ideal on-the-go companion.

Tank Straight Tube

Standing a good 12”, this bong is good for those who don’t want too much water in their bongs. With a wide base that keeps a tall bong steady, the Straight Tube is one of Tank Glass’s strongest bongs.

Review from customers

The quality of the bongs is noticeable immediately. Customers say it’s one of the heaviest bongs that they’ve had. It’s no wonder because you have 9mm thick glass and reinforced bases in each bong. The bongs are a dream to use, and cleaning is a breeze. The ice catcher ring does present a bit of a challenge, but regular cleaning can keep every single part pristine clean.

Tank Glass also commits to its Lifetime Warranty. One customer broke his Tank Glass bong because of a crazy friend. The staff took care of it, and the customer got his replacement bong fast. It’s a bong that will certainly last you for decades, if not a lifetime.

We may not have Tank Glass bongs in our collection, but we have other durable bongs that you can try. The Ooze Sax High-Grade Silicone Bong is made with medical-grade silicone for clean, flavorful rips. If you want something made of thick, decorative glass with a retro feel, you can get our Thick Glass Retro Vase Bong with Removable Diffused Downstem. It’s not as thick as Tank Glass, but it will hold up compared to other glass bongs.

Interested and wish to see more? Click here now and have a look at our collection. We’ll get your bong delivered in the safety of your home.

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