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The China Glass: Ornate Glass Pieces to Have

The China Glass: Ornate Glass Pieces to Have
Don't buy china glass! That's what we all often hear when we hear about glass pieces in China. However, there's a company that will change your view of it. Let's have a look at The China Glass and what makes it above other Chinese companies that most smokers steer away from.

What is The China Glass?

The China Glass is a company that produces beautifully crafted and designed glass pieces that proudly show the Chinese culture. Expert glass artisans make these museum-worthy glass pieces in Hebei province in Beijing, China. By utilizing 100 years of traditional glass blowing techniques, the result is a stunning line of glass pieces that showcase oriental art.

Although these glass pieces are worthy to be displayed on your table or trophy cabinet, they are all made of durable borosilicate glass. The master glassblowers made sure that your bong will last as long as a China porcelain vase for your great-great-grandchildren to admire. There are different color options, and designs that you can choose from that will suit your style.

Unique China Glass bong designs

One look at the glass pieces, and you'll know right away that they're from The China Glass. The bongs have that one-of-a-kind look that will remind you of porcelain pieces from Ancient China. In fact, the bongs are named after each dynasty.

The Quin, Shang, and Xia China Glass bongs all have long, slender necks. These tall water pipes have flared mouthpieces and a bubble-style water chamber. However, unlike most glass bongs, these China Glass bongs have pedestals that give them that elegant, classy look.

If you want to have something that offers stability, then the Huang Quin water pipe will be most suited for you. With a bowl vase shape, the bottom has a wider surface area that makes it hard to knock over. The base can also hold a lot of smoke, making it ideal for those who are looking for big rips.

Functionality and flavor

The bong is easy to smoke out of, despite the long, slender neck. Some may find a bit of draw resistance, which is what you would generally expect from a narrow smoke path. The flavors that you get are strong and bold because there are no percs in the bong.

This will take a bit of getting used, though, if you're fond of using bongs with ice pinchers like our Pulsar Thick Glass Beaker Bong. The glassblowers wanted the designs to look similar to Chinese porcelain vases that using ice with the bong is nearly impossible unless you crush it.

The other side of the wall

One thing that most will note with The China Glass is that it can be hard to tell when it's time to clean. That is especially true for the black pieces that have a dark, opaque appearance. The opacity of the glass did an excellent job of making the pipes look like porcelain pieces. However, just like porcelain, you can't see the inner chamber easily. You have to make sure that regularly clean it so that you won't have issues with buildup. The thin neck can also be hard to clean because of the narrow cavity.

Another thing is that delicate, slender parts mean you have to handle the bongs with a bit more care than the most. Although they are made with high-quality borosilicate glass, the slender diameter of the tube can easily break if bumped or dropped the wrong way.

Is The China Glass for you?

If you're partial to classy, sophisticated oriental designs, this is going to be the perfect one for you. Beautiful and functional, it will make you feel like a Chinese nobility and the emperor of your own dynasty.

However, if you're more of a low-maintenance type of smoker and tend to be a bit clumsy, you may want to choose a different brand. We have fun-to-use Chech and Chong bongs, as well as durable ones from Kayd Mayd and Eyce. Click here now and have your bong delivered at your door for your safety and convenience!

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