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Thick Ass Glass: An Honest Review

Thick Ass Glass: An Honest Review
Glass needs to be thick and durable if you want to use it for smoking and dabbing. If you don’t want to second-guess the density of your glass pipes, your best option is a specialized online headshop. Here’s our Thick Ass Glass review and learn about the specifics about their glass collection.

What is Thick Ass Glass?

Thick Ass Glass is a company dedicated to producing American-made handblown glass water pipes that are thick and durable. They are among the brands and companies that have water pipes that are as dense as 9mm. The glass pieces not only look beautiful, but they are also highly functional and affordable as well.

It’s easy to customize your search when looking for your glass piece. The categories are simple, and you have the option to choose the glass thickness that you want. Thick Ass Glass bongs are well-loved by many because they can last for years and are a smoker’s daily go-to for relaxation.

What are their glass pieces?

thick ass glass bong

You can get water pipes such as bongs and dab rigs of different designs. There are beaker and straight tube bongs, as well as perc bongs of almost every kind. You can also get bubblers if you want something simple. There are also some accessories like quartz nails, downstems, herb slides, dropdown adapters, and ash or reclaim catchers.

However, there are several limitations in the selection. Except for nails, grinders, and dab containers, you only get glass pieces, which is why they are called Thick Ass Glass. It’s good that they focus on glass pieces, but that would mean you have to shop elsewhere if you’re looking for a vaporizer for your herbs and concentrates.

Another thing is that you won’t see any of the popular brands here like RooR, MJ Arsenal, and Mothership Glass. Almost all of the products are store brands, limiting your choices.

How much this online headshop cost me?

Dab rigs can cost $34.99-$499.99. Thick Ass Glass Beaker bongs can cost $50.99-$194.99, while straight tubes can cost $49.99-$199.99.

A 4mm thick straight tube bong that is 12” high will cost you $59.99, while a 9mm straight tube can cost $119.99-179.99.

What payment options do I have with Thick Ass Glass?

Thick Ass Glass accepts payment through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

How about shipping?

For orders above $150, you’ll get free shipping, which is steeper compared to 420 Science. It takes about 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday) for Thick Ass Glass to deliver your order. Same-day shipping applies for orders fulfilled by 8am.

You have two options to choose from for shipping. USPS for usual orders, which can have delays on delivery dates. If your order is time-sensitive, you can select UPS for guaranteed delivery.

thick ass glass adapter

For international orders, they recommend using DHL Express for so you’ll get your orders faster.

Can I get discounts?

There are some Thick Ass Glass coupon codes that you can get from the site for extra savings. You can get 5%-15% off depending on how much you spend. There’s also a limited free shipping code for US orders.

Like Smokea, this online headshop also has a rewards program for loyal customers. The points you earn while shopping can give you discounts on your next purchase.

How does Thick Ass Glass compare to other online headshops?

For those who want more affordable glass pieces, Thick Ass Glass offers 2nd quality items. These are glass products that come with some imperfections like black/white marks, red marks, scratches, and chips. However, although most of these items look like 1st quality at first glance, do note that these are not replaceable. It’s not like the Rest in Piece program by DankGeek, but you do get some savings out of these bongs.

If you are looking for massive bongs, this is the place to go to. There’s a gargantuan 30” straight tube glass bong that can be difficult to find in a smoke shop.

Is Thick Ass Glass Legit?

Thick Ass Glass is definitely legit. Even if the headshop headquarters was shut down for several months due to some legal issues, Thick Ass Glass returned with the same goal. To this day, they provide customers with thick, durable, and affordable glass pieces that will last for years. The selection may be limited, but the quality of these glass pieces make up for the lack of variety in terms of brand and smoking products.


  • Sorry your wrong bud. It’s American made.

  • I received an email from Thick Ass Glass, they told me that they are made in China

  • Tag is absolutely American made!

  • TAG is produced in China then sent to an American distributor. So it’s not American made glass

    Stephen Odom

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