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Top 8 Best Bong Brands Plus Tips and Reviews

Top 8 Best Bong Brands Plus Tips and Reviews
If you want to smoke that special herb, you naturally want to match it with an excellent glass pipe. We've listed here our pick of the best bong brands to choose from. We’ve also included some tips as well on how to select the best products for smoking.


RooR bongs is a glass product line that almost every smoker wishes to have. It's one of the high-end pieces in the industry because of the quality and sophisticated design.

The bong brand features thick glass, fashioned to fabulous glassware that rips like a dream. There's close to little resistance, no matter what kind of percolator is in it. It's an exclusive bong that you won't see in just any online headshop.


Another one of the best brands to look out for is Illadelph. It's one of the brands that carry glass bongs crafted from the best glass that's thick, durable, and functional.

They've made several innovations on glass products that propelled them to be icons in the industry. Some of them include coil condensers and the pyramid percs. The architecture and engineering applied to the design made them a target of many counterfeiters. To make sure that you get authentic items, do your shopping through authorized dealers.

Empire Glassworks

What do you get from a glass company that started as a high-end jewelry store? Glass products that will look like they came from fantasy land. All of their pipes are lovingly handmade using high-quality borosilicate glass from the US and Europe.

Each Empire Glassworks piece carries a unique design and crafted using a mix of glass blowing techniques. No bong is precisely the same, especially when added with custom-made colors.


GRAV (formerly known as GRAV Labs) started out small, yet with big intentions. Dave Daily experimented with the gravity bong, thus creating the GRAVitron. With the success of the brand, Dave soon increased his collection to other bong designs including the Upline and the Helix.

Other pieces soon followed like bubblers and other hand pipes. GRAV continues to provide quality and innovation, transforming boro glass into something totally functional and yet affordable.

Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg Pounds JFK Bong

No one can ever say that Snoop Dogg is your average performer. This guy knows what it takes to rise to the top. With his keen eye for detail and luxury, Snoop Dogg collaborated with Famous Brandz and initiated a line of scientific bongs and rigs.

Each piece has it's one unique sense of style designed to have that wow factor as well as functionality. You get premium water pipes specially created using thick quality glass for every connoisseur smoker.

HVY Glass

Based in LA, California, HVY Glass is one of the leading brands for unique bongs. It's been around for more than 10 years, with most of their first years focused on physical stores.

In order to stand out against many top-shelf competition, HVY crafted their own style glass blowing techniques that will make you say: "Hey, that's HVY Glass!" They're comfortable to use, and the rips are humungous. If you're a heavy hitter and look for more than just an average experience from a glass piece, this is a brand to go to.

MAV Glass

Short for Maverick Glass, the company has fantastic attention to detail when it comes to bong designs.

All pieces are durable, with thick walls that can withstand a few roughhousing with friends. Paying close attention to the smoking trends and demands, MAV adapts their designs accordingly. Their bongs and dab rigs cater to both traditional and modern smokers of any age. If you're looking for a satisfying smoking experience, this is one of the companies to watch out for.

Mothership Glass

This brand is out of this world, in terms of class and price. It's created for discriminating smokers with expensive tastes and demand luxury.

These glass pipes are like no other. All of the glass pieces use German-made Shott Duran boro glass. For that distinct Mothership appeal, they incorporate American dyes for that unique signature look. One piece takes 30 hours to complete, and no bong comes out from the workshop if it's got even a minuscule flaw.

What makes the best bongs?

When you search for glass bongs, there are so many brands to choose from. For first-time smokers, it's not that easy to make a choice. To know if you're getting a water pipe at the right price and with high quality, you should look for the following.

  • Type of glass - borosilicate is the best for beaker bongs or straight tubes because they have better heat resistance and durable than regular glass. The best brands source their boro glass either from Germany or the United States.

  • Glass thickness - no matter how good your scientific glass is, it's nothing if it can easily break. When you're looking at product descriptions in a headshop website, check for the thickness. 4mm is considered average, and anything lower than that is a no.

  • Ease of use - a glass bong should be easy to use for users of any level. No matter what shape, size, and perc added to the tube, your bong should have minimal drag. You should also have the freedom to accessorize your water pipe with ash catchers and herb slides.

  • Innovation and design - scientific pieces are simple and sought after by traditional smokers. However, modern smoking pieces can offer more. You can look for ice catchers, percs, and even coils added to the design. Also, the piece should be able to carry bong attachments like ash catchers for enhanced smoking experience.

Do check out our other brand reviews! We'll update this page each time we upload new one.

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