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Top 5 Best Bubbler for Blunts 2020

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Top 5 Best Bubbler for Blunts 2020
Getting a bubbler attachment for blunts and joints is one sure way to enhance your smoking experience. Here are the top 5 best bubbler for blunts in 2020 that you need to check out!

Martian Blunt Bubbler by MJ Arsenal

This tiny little thing caused quite a stir when MJ Arsenal announced its release. It's so small, the bubbler barely reaches the top of your standard lighter. The Martian was the first-ever glass piece created by MJ Arsenal and propelled them to fame. The design was so unique, innovative, and functional that the company sold 50,000 units in the first year.

The mini blunt bubbler stands 2.45" tall and has a cute 1" base. It's made with quality borosilicate glass with a custom MJ logo located at the bottom. It's small enough to stay almost hidden in the palm of your hand. It's even got a pendant hook to keep it in place.

What's great about this bubbler is its got a spill-resistant design. It can fit almost all rolled items of any. The functionality is just superb. All you need is a little water. 10 drops. That's all you need to get that bubbly filtration that gives you smooth hits. The effect is also strong as if you're hitting a bong of micro size.

Waxmaid Blunt Bubbler

If you're skittish about using a glass bubbler, then a silicone hybrid may just be the thing for you. This joint and blunt bubbler by Waxmaid is made with platinum cured BPA free silicone approved by the FDA. Whether you're smoking a blunt or a joint, it's going to fit perfectly in the bubbler.

The Waxmaid joint bubbler is so portable that you can take it anywhere. You can take out the parts, making it easier to clean. You don't have to worry about awkward maneuverings to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Despite the silicone parts, the taste is fantastic. It smokes good, and you can hit your favorite joint without coughing. Since it's made with silicone, it can also accept your vape pen without any problems.

Blizzy Bubbler

What do you think can further improve the functionality of blunt bubblers? That will be a downstem! The Blizzy Bubbler is as small and portable as the Martian. However, what sets it apart is that it comes with a downstem. This provides better filtration and cooling of your smoke, giving you thick, milky clouds.

Should you want to take a break in between rips, just set it on the table. The flat base will keep it upright, leaving your hands free for snacking, playing, or chatting away with your friends.

Dubbler Double Rollie Bubbler

What else can be better than a downstem? A double downstem for double joints! MJ Arsenal knows that the Martian is just the beginning, and so they improved the concept.

You have a bubbler that allows you to smoke, not one, but two blunts at the same time. With its spill-proof design, you can be animated with it without worrying about messing up the table. It's got the same portable and ergonomic design as the Martian for ease of use.

Rasta Silicone Blass Knuckle Bubbler Glow in the Dark 4.6Pulsar Brass Knuckle Glow-In-The-Dark Rasta Silicone Bubbler

Are you someone who likes to talk with their hands? Do you want to hold your joint without having to think about your grip? Then have a look at this Pulsar Brass Knuckle Silicone Bubbler.

Pulsar created this bubbler using durable silicone. It's small, compact, and slimmer than the other bubblers. You can easily slip it in your breast or pants pocket without worrying about breaking.

The knuckle design allows you to insert your fingers, giving you a secure grip. You don't have to hold the bubbler on a death grip or worry about dropping the bubbler. It also comes with a stand to hold your bubbler. Another unique feature is that you can attach a hose on the mouthpiece. Set it on the table, connect a dry vaporizer wand or hose, and enjoy hands-free smoking.

Having a bubbler for blunts makes smoking joints, cones, and pre-rolls smoother, enjoyable, and convenient. Your blunt stays dry since you hit through the mouthpiece. This allows you to moderate your hits and extend your joint longer.

Which blunt bubbler do you prefer? Please do share your preference and experience in the comment section!


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