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Bubbler Pipes: Where to Buy and Cost

Bubbler Pipes
Bubbler Pipes: Where to Buy and Cost
Bubbler pipes are fun to use and practical. Their portability makes them a great addition to your smoking arsenal. You can buy bubbler pipes in your favorite head shop, but you can quickly get them by ordering online. Here’s where you can purchase bubbler pipes and their cost range.


Price: $17.99-$80.99

Bubbler pipes from Grav are made of durable material. The borosilicate glass is manipulated with excellent craftsmanship, giving you a wonderful smoking device that you can carry with you anywhere. Smokers love bubbler pipes from Grav for their cool, smooth hits. The bubblers are easy to use, although some pipes have small bowls and carbs in their design that makes dragging just a bit hard.


Price: $19.99-$34.99

Eyce bubbler pipes are durable and economical. Bubbler pipes are made with high-grade silicone that comes with thick, high-grade glass bowl. Eyce bubblers are great for smokers who are prone to drop their bubblers. The silicone material is easy to maintain and clean. Customer service is also excellent when it comes to answering your questions and concerns about your Ecye bubbler.

Green camo 7.5" Eyce silicone hammer bubbler 7.5" Eyce Silicone Hammer Bubbler

Cheech and Chong

Price: $172.99-$222.50

Fans of Cheech and Chong will get a blast smoking their favorite herb with high-grade glass bubblers emblazoned with stickers of the fun duo. The company has been making Cheech and Chong bubblers for more than 40 years. Their bubblers are fun to use and come with a certificate of authenticity. It’s a bit pricey for a bubbler, but this can be a great collector’s item for fans.


Price: ($100-$300)

Glassex bubblers are unique easy on the eyes. These are high-end all-American made glass bubblers lovingly crafted by skilled blowers in Asheville, NC. The designs range from ergonomic and practical, to ethereal and magical. Their collection is a must-have for serious and artisan smokers alike

Bubbler pipes can give you varying types of smoking experiences. Their practicality and portability make them the best smoking option for people who are on the go. Other unique designs provide fun and a bit of class to your smoking session, perfect for social gatherings.

You can also get bubbler pipes in Amazon, eBay, and other online stores. However, it’s a risk to take because these sellers are either hobbyists or resellers who are not familiar with bubblers. Headshops are the best places to go to when buying bubblers, and they will gladly offer recommendations based on your smoking needs.

Which bubbler headshop is your go-to for your bubbler pipe? Please share with us your purchase experience as well as what is unique about your favorite bubbler!

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