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DIY: How to Make a Homemade Bubbler Pipe

Bubbler Pipes
DIY: How to Make a Homemade Bubbler Pipe
Image source: Fumes Ahoy

A bubbler pipe is one of the simplest ways to enjoy your herb with a bit of percolation. It’s a small smoking device that you can bring just about anywhere. You can easily make your own homemade bubbler pipe using simple materials and tools that you will find at home.


You will need:

  • 1 pill bottle

  • A metal socket

  • A metal screen that you can get from a broken earphone

  • 6mm reusable metal drinking straw for your downstem and mouthpiece

  • Food-grade sealant

  • A hack saw for cutting the straw

  • A cutter or lighter for cutting holes in the bottle

  • Marker

Making the homemade bubbler pipe

  1. Cut or burn a hole on top of the plastic cap of your pill bottle. Make sure it’s large enough for the 6mm metal screw to fit through without any gaps. Keep the cap sealed on the bottle. Skip this step if the socket or straw has a snug fit at the opening of the bottle.

  2. Measure the straw by pushing it through the hole until it has a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the bottle.

  3. Mark the metal straw at the top where you want to cut the straw. Consider the socket when you do so. Cut it to size using a hack saw. It’s okay if you cut the straw too long than too short.

  4. Attach the metal socket to the metal drinking straw. Next, use food-grade sealant to create an airtight seal at the joint.

  5. Insert the straw again inside the bottle. Adjust the length if necessary. The socket should sit right on top of the opening of the pill bottle.

  6. Finally, place a metal screen inside the socket.

  7. Cut or burn the side of the pill bottle right below where it starts to curve up to the opening. Make sure that the hole is snug enough to wrap around the 6mm metal straw without gaps. Use food grade sealant if necessary.

  8. Push in the remaining 6mm metal straw, smooth side first, through that hole. Stop when its 2mm-3mm inside the bottle.

  9. Measure and mark the straw to your desired length.

  1. Cut the metal straw with your hack saw.

  2. Insert the rough side of the straw through the plastic and seal with food-grade sealant. Consequently, this will be your mouthpiece.

  3. Create a small hole at the side or opposite your pipe, only slightly lower. This will be your carb hole.

Using your DIY bubbler pipe

  1. Pour water through the carb hole. Fill it until the water reaches almost half of the bottle. Next, make a pull test. Drain any excess if you get splashed. Wipe your homemade bubbler dry, especially if you got the socket and wire wet.

  2. Finally, pack your socket with your favorite herb. Grab your homemade bubbler pipe and plug the carb hole.

  3. Inhale through the mouthpiece and light your herb. Release and plug as you take a drag from your bubbler pipe. Stop when you got the rip that you want.

  4. Keep the smoke in for a couple of seconds and exhale.

You can use a water bottle if you want a big bubbler. Similarly, plastic straws can also be used. We suggested metal straws to limit the amount of plastic exposure. Remember that heat causes plastic to release harmful chemicals that you will be inhaling in your lungs with each hit. On the same note, this DIY bubbler pipe is not for long-term use. This is only for emergencies. If you want long-term recreational smoking, it’s best to buy a glass bubbler pipe.

Did you make your own homemade bubbler pipe? Share them at the comment section below.


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