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How Does a Double Bubbler Work and How to Use It

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How Does a Double Bubbler Work and How to Use It
Image Source: Brandoger (Reddit)

A double bubbler is another interesting design for bubbler pipes. It has two chambers fitted with two bowls and downstem that are fixed into the design. Some double bubblers also have percs in each of the chambers, providing added diffusion and filtration.

How does a double bubbler work

It works almost the same way as your regular water pipe. The difference is that smoke travels from one chamber to the other. As you take a drag and light up the bowl, smoke moves from the first chamber through the downstem submerged in water. A duct that connects the two chambers serves as a bridge for the smoke. The second chamber also has its own fixed downstem. The smoke makes a final pass underwater before it rises up towards the mouthpiece.

This action results in double percolation and diffusion. You get twice as cool and smooth hits compared to a single bubbler. The tastes is also cleaner because of the double filtration in the bubbler.

How do you use a double bubbler

  1. Fill the double bubbler with water through the downstem.

  2. Tilt it so that water reaches the second chamber.

  3. Fill each chamber almost half-way through, or until the water covers the slits of the percs. Check the water level by positioning the double bubbler at eye level. This helps give you a more accurate measurement.

  4. Make a pull test. If you get splashed, tilt the double bubbler so that water flows through the mouthpiece.

  5. Adjust water level until there’s no more backsplash, but you still have enough bubbling going on.

  6. Dry the bowl of the first chamber thoroughly. Make sure it’s completely dry, or you will be wasting your herb.

  7. Hold the double bubbler with one hand while positioning your index finger over the carb hole.

  8. Pull through the mouthpiece and light up the bowl.

  9. Continue to pull until the milk thickens.

  10. Remove and plug the carb hole repeatedly until you get the size of the rip that you want.

  11. Release the bubbler from your mouth and keep the smoke in for a couple of seconds.

  12. Exhale and enjoy your hit.

Some double bubblers are portable in size, while others like almost as big as a bong. Still, a double bubbler is a fun smoking device that puts the excitement back to your smoking sesh. It gives you twice as much hit from your regular bubbler because of the dual chamber. This is perfect if you feel that your bubbler is not working out for you like it used to be.

If you haven’t tried smoking from a bubbler yet, please don’t hesitate to get one of our beautifully-designed bubblers. Start your smoking sesh with this one, then move on to a double bubbler once you get the feel of using a bubbler.

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