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How Much Water to Put In a Bubbler Pipe

Bubbler Pipes
A bubbler pipe is what you get when a pipe and a bong comes together. You get the same straight-forward smoking experience of a pipe combined with the cooling filtration of a bong. You get to taste the flavor of your herb minus the harsh heat and toxins.

To get the smooth filtration that you would get from a bong, you need to fill up your bubbler pipe with the right amount of water. Unlike a bong, the water level in a bubbler bong significantly affects the smoking experience because of its small size.

The right water level

Getting the correct water level in a bubbler pipe varies depending on the size of the bubbler. Too much water can produce cause your smoke to become stale quickly. Worse, you’ll get a taste of bubbler water that’s mixed with ash, resin, and toxins. Low water level will be just like smoking your herbs dry. You get smoke that is harsh on your throat and lungs because of the heat and unpleasant compounds.

Some fill their bubbler about halfway full, making sure that the bottom of the downstem is fully submerged in water. If you have a small bubbler pipe, make the water level just a little bit higher than the bottom of the down stem. This should allow enough smoke to get inside the bubbler pipe without causing any nasty backsplash as you take a hit.

Pulsar thick glass bubbler

Things to consider:

Getting the right level of water can be tricky, especially when it comes to unique bubbler pipes. The best way to know the right water level for your bubbler pipe is to use it frequently. Observe the following when checking the water level:

  • Drag – too light, you need more water. If you have to hit a bit hard and get a backsplash, you have too much water in your bubbler pipe.

  • Smoke feel – if the smoke is too harsh on your throat, you did not fill up your bubbler pipe with enough water. If the smoke is stale, you added too much water in your bubbler pipe.

  • Bubbling sound – if the gurgling sound is too soft, you need to add more water. If it’s too loud, take out a bit of water until the sound is just right. Not too loud, not too soft.

  • Downstem – the water level should cover about an inch or 3/4 of an inch of downstem from the bottom. This is easy to see if you got a clear bubbler pipe. It can be a challenge if you’ve got a silicone or ceramic bubbler.

  • Percolators - the percs in your perc bubblers should also be covered with water halfway up, or slightly above the level of the slits

Hitting a bubbler pipe is an enjoyable experience. It gives you that instant hit anywhere you want to go. We have a collection of bubbler pipes that can fit your smoking needs. Once you get to know our bubbler pipes, you’ll know how to use them best on any occasion.


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