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Pulsar RIP Knuckle Bubbler Review

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Pulsar RIP Knuckle Bubbler Review
Don’t you just love blunts and joints? They’re simple to smoke out of, and almost everyone has tried smoking one or two. The problem is it can get squished when you got too excited when you’re having a conversation with a friend. Or, if you’re the type of person who clenches a joint between his teeth in between puffs, you know you’re going to deal with a soggy stick. Pulsar has made it easier for joint and blunt lovers to smoke with their Pulsar RIP Knuckle Bubbler.

Rasta Silicone Blass Knuckle Bubbler Glow in the Dark 4.6

What is the Pulsar RIP Knuckle bubbler?

Bubblers are great because they are like handy, portable bongs. Add in a brass knuckle design molded in premium-grade silicone, and you’ve got a bubbler that’s going to be center stage of all the smoking action.

The Pulsar RIP Knuckle bubbler is made from platinum-cured medical-grade silicone. It’s going to take on all the heat from your rolled blunt or joint, and it won’t cause any reaction whatsoever. All you’ll get is pure smoke, no hint of chemical or plastic fumes that will ruin your experience.

The brass knuckle design makes it easy to hold securely in your hand. It’s just the right size to fit small or large hands, allowing you to smoke your blunt in comfort. It’s ergonomically shaped that even those with grip problems can hold it securely without it falling off.  The longer you hold the Pulsar Silicone Knuckle Bubbler, the more you won’t even notice that you’re holding it.

The bubbler has two openings positioned opposite of each other. The funnel-shaped one at the side of the knuckle holes is where you’ll insert your rolled joint. The mouthpiece located at the opposite end is also designed for a hose attachment. You can use your hookah hose or the whip of your dry herb vaporizer.

Adding water to the knuckle bubbler helps cool down your smoke and filter out unwanted debris. Because of the small size, you only need a little bit of water. This gives you hits that are still punchy and full of flavor. It’s a great smoking tool for those who want the cool hits of a water pipe but prefer the bursting essence of smoke from a dry pipe.

How do you use the Pulsar RIP Knuckle Bubbler?

Using it is as easy as if smoking from a pipe. Once you got your pre-rolls ready, it’s time to party with your silicone knuckle bubbler!

  1. Pour water through the mouthpiece of the knuckle bubbler. You should use a container with a spout or pour it from a small water bottle to keep the water from spilling. You only need to fill the bubbler 1/4 of the way. Wipe the bubbler dry, especially if you spilled water through the funnel.

  2. Light your pre-rolls the same way you usually do. It’s better to do this before inserting the joint or blunt because you need to have an even burn.

  3. Once you got your pre-rolls going, insert the unlit end inside the funnel tube.

  4. Hold the knuckle bubbler by inserting your fingers inside the knuckle holes, with the joint pointing outwards and away from you. You can fit it just the tips, push your fingers half-way through for a good grip-free hold.

  5. Pull from the mouthpiece as you would a pipe or joint. Keep ripping until you got the right amount of smoke that you wanted.

  6. Release the mouthpiece and keep the smoke in for a second or two. Exhale and repeat.

The bubbler you’d want to rip without the grip

Pre-rolls are now enjoyable to smoke out of, thanks to the Pulsar RIP knuckle bubbler. You don’t have to worry about your rolls getting soaking wet as you pass it around. You also don’t have to worry about crimping while you nurse your roll in between smoke. What’s more, no more worries of getting your fingers burned or stained in case you forget that you're holding a lit blunt in your hand.

Unlike other bubblers, pulsar made this bubbler completely glass-free. You can take it with you on trips, cram it in your camping bag, or place it in your back pocket without any worries. It also comes with a stand that will hold your blunt for you while you’re having drinks or playing with your friends. Want to have your own? Click here now and this baby will be right at your doorstep within a few days!

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