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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Bubbler Pipe

Bubbler Pipes
Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Bubbler Pipe
There are times when a bubbler pipe is set aside when choosing a smoking device. If you’re asking people around why get a bubbler pipe, here are our top 5 reasons that can help you change your mind.

The bubbler pipe is the middle ground

Some prefer a bong because of the great water filtration it offers. Just look at this 11” Pulsar Space Station Perc Bong. It’s got a good water level for cooling and filtering your smoke, especially with its unique perc that disperses throughout the water chamber. However, 11” is just too big to carry around, which makes the 4” GRAV Labs Arcline Glass Hammer Pipe perfect for those who love to travel. The downside is, it doesn’t have that water filtration that you get from a bong.

The best reason why get a bubbler pipe is because it gives you the best of both worlds. A bubbler has a water chamber that will help you clean the smoke and cool it down before the smoke reaches your lips. You can get a 4.5” Cali Crusher Boro Glass Upright Bubbler that you can easily bring with you anywhere. Most bubblers also come with a flat base to make it easy to put down on the table as you rest in between hits.

Grav Labs Swiss Perc Glass Martini Bubbler 7 inch This Glass Martini Bubbler from GRAV

Cool and stunning to look at

What we love about bubblers is that they come in different shapes and forms. There are glass bubblers for a superior experience, and there are silicone bubblers that are ideal for butterfingers.

GRAV also created the GRAV Sip Series that went way beyond the conventional designs of bubblers. There’s the 7.5” Martini Shaker Bubbler that’s easy to carry around when you’re having an intimate gathering with close friends. Another is the 4” Milk Carton Mini Bubbler that you can set on your bedside table and reach over easily after a good night’s sleep.

Gives you smooth yet strong hits

Hand pipes are great when it comes to bold hits that can hit you like a You can depend on a bubbler to give hits that can be almost as smooth as a bong’s and near the solid punch of a hand pipe.

Take the 6” Piranha Diffused Downstem Bubbler, for example. It’s got a perc downstem that can give the same simple perc filtration of a bong. At 6” in length, it can carry a bigger smoke capacity, and the smoke doesn’t need to travel too far. The result is a hit that’s cool, clean, yet full-bodied and strong.

Easier to carry around

A tall water pipe can be tedious to carry around. Imagine walking the house or a social gathering carrying 7” beaker bong. The weight and the design of the bong can put a strain on your hands as it’s designed to stay put on a table or countertop.

A bubbler is easier to hold because it’s slimmer and smaller. Although made of thick glass, the body is smaller than a bong, so it’s not that noticeable when you hold it for long periods. You can also slip the bubbler in your pocket when you’re done, or if you prefer to be discreet.

The bent neck and curved body of this Pink and Gold Striped Bubbler

Comfortable to use

One of our answers when you ask us why get a bubbler pipe is that they’re comfortable to use. They’re ergonomically designed to follow the natural position of your hands and neck. You don’t have to lean over or angle your wrist when you need to take a hit.

This makes it easy for you to enjoy your smoke when you’re watching a movie at home or talking with friends. You can just kick back and relax as you lounge on your sofa or lazy boy at the end of a long day.

Why get a bubbler pipe?

It’s a magical combination of two pipes in one, giving you smooth hits that are still full of flavor. A bubbler pipe is easy to carry around, and you can hide it in a cinch when you don’t want to draw attention. You also won’t get tired of using it as it’s shaped perfectly for your hands.

Want to get your own bubbler? We have several types of bubblers like the Ooze Stack Bubbler that has a silicone and glass body. You can also try the Pulsar Knuckle Bubbler that you can use with a cone or joint, then attach a hose for a lazy way of smoking without soaking your roll.  Click here now and buy your amazing bubbler!

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