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5 Top Benefits of Dab Pens

Dab Pen
5 Top Benefits of Dab Pens
Dab pens changed the game of dabbing. Its potency and convenience packed in a nifty cylindrical inconspicuous device that you can take with you anywhere. It allows you to take vapor dabs without compromising the effect and taste of your concentrate. If you’re still hesitant about getting a dab pen, here are the reasons why you should get one now.


Dab pens look like ordinary pens that you can carry in your pocket. You can take it almost anywhere and enjoy a hit while your friends are busy with the party. Keep a pen in your hand or  have one in your pocket.

You also don’t have to deal with the smell. Because of the absence of combustion, the scent of your herbs is lowered significantly. Yes, the smell is still detectable, but almost barely noticeable. This can come pretty handy in crowded events.

Potent hits minus the cough

Others experience irritation when smoking from a bong, pipe, or dab rig. This irritation can be due to some reasons. One is the production of toxic byproducts such as tar and resin due to combustion of herb material. With dab pens, you only deal with vapor. No smoke or harmful toxins from smoke.

Another is the high dabbing temperature. There is no danger of vaping too high because these dab pens have a built in shut down mechanism that prevents it from overheating. Some dab pens like the Yocan Pandon dab pen come with a pre-set temperature control that you can set to low, mid, and high, depending on what you want your dabbing temperature to be. The unit will only heat up while you press on the power button, and will cool down when you release it. Once you prime your wick, heating the dab pen again won’t be a problem.



You don’t lose the flavor and potency of your dabs when you hit use a dab pen. Herbs lose their taste and strength when they are exposed to air, which is why grinders and herb containers are airtight. When you use a dab pen, the concentrate inside the atomizer or cartridge stays true to its flavor. No need to worry about oxidation and dehydration.

Saves you money

You also have better control over the size of dab that you will hit. You only consume what is inside the atomizer, and the concentrate will vaporize only when you press the button. Unlike dab rigs where you need to inhale a whole dab immediately, you can take your time with a dab pen because these babies hit hard. It may seem that the smoke is minimal, but because you’re inhaling vapor instead of smoke, each your lungs absorb each drag quickly.

Also, no dab is wasted. Just like with a nectar collector, you vaporize the concentrate that comes in contact with the coil. With slow, steady drags, you get every bit of vapor, and no concentrate is wasted.

Safer and convenient

No need for torches or exposed coils that can seriously burn you. Dab pens have their coils inside an atomizer chamber so you won’t be able to touch it unless you take out the cap and stick your finger in it. There’s also no need for an elaborate set up whenever you wish to dab. Simply load your dab pen, turn it on, and you’ll be vaping away within seconds. When you’re done, a simple key press is all you need to do is turn the unit off, clean it, and you’re done for the day.

Dab pens are now the modern way of dabbing. It’s discreet, elegant, and functional. Once you are familiar with this nifty vaping gadget, you’ll be able to come up with creative ways to use it whenever you feel the need for relaxation. If you’re trying out dab pens for the first time, we recommend the Yocan Magneto dab pen. It’s affordable, has lots of useful features, and has good airflow for strong and smooth flavorful dabs.

What makes dab pens your favorite dabbing solution? Please share them with us at the comment section!


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