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My Dab Pen Charger is not Working!

Dab Pen
My Dab Pen Charger is not Working!
No matter what type of batteries you have for your dab pen, charging is still essential for it to work. Before you send an email to the manufacturer with the subject “dab pen charger not working,” let’s do some basic troubleshooting first.

The firing pin

If you have a 510 threaded battery, you’ll notice that there’s a circular pin at the center of the battery. This connects your battery to the charger and will serve as a bridge between them. If there’s no reliable connection, no charging is going to happen anytime soon.

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One of the reasons why the firing pin is not connecting is that at some point, you screwed the cartridge or the charger on too hard. The firing pin now rides low, and your charger can’t reach it. Is there a way to solve this? Yes, you can correct the connection issue by getting a paperclip or a micro flathead screwdriver. Gently but firmly push your tool under and around the firing pin. Do a little wiggle to loosen the pin from the battery. Be very careful because it’s easy to dislodge the firing pin with a wrong push. Keep going until you see the pin pop up to the inner ridge. Try charging again but be careful not to tighten the connection too hard.

Faulty charger

If the firing pin is in its usual position, then the charger may be a problem. Try charging a different battery and see if your charger will work. If the other cell is not charging too, that means you have a faulty charger. There are chargers for each dab pen that you can quickly get hold of to replace the one that is broken.

Battery problem

This rarely happens with new dab pens, especially if you get a quality dab pen here at Big Daddy Smoke. If you try the charger on a different battery and it works, your battery may be your problem. The issue may come from improper charging. Charging overnight is one of the main reasons for battery problems. Charging the dab pen for 30 minutes, then using it, then charging again in a repeated cycle also cause problems with charging. Make sure to charge your dab pen for 2-4 hours and don’t interrupt the process unnecessarily. If you can’t wait to dab, or you have a fixed schedule to get medicated, get a dab pen that has a pass-through charging technology. If the battery is the issue, it’s time to look for a replacement.

Dirty connection

Anything that can interfere with the link will cause charging problems. You may have overloaded your atomizer, a leaking chamber, or something got inside the battery connection. You can use a dry paper towel to take out all that nasty goo that’s causing the connection problem. If the dirt is too tough, be careful if you decide to use isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution. Wring the paper towel almost dry to prevent any liquid from getting into the battery. Do this only if you cannot take out the dirt from the battery. Invert the battery upside down to help prevent the alcohol from dripping inside the unit.

Check these troubleshooting tips in case your dab pen charger won’t work. Once you eliminate all the possible causes and your dab pen charger is still not working, you can have an expert check on it. If you have any questions about your dab pen charger not working, please feel free to leave a comment below!


  • Just tried the paper clip thing and it worked!!

  • Very helpful but still can’t find the exact thing I am looking for…the usb connector will not screw on the battery to charge it use to charge now it doesn’t even go in


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