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How Long Does A Dab Pen Take To Charge?

Dab Pen
How Long Does A Dab Pen Take To Charge?
Dab pens and vape pens come with different types of batteries in terms of shape, size, and capacity. These have different methods of charging as well as the length of charging time, which we will discuss today.

What’s the average charging time?

Normally a fully drained or dead dab pen battery takes about 3 hours to fully charge. However, this will greatly depend on several factors. Let’s take a close look at your dab pen and see what we have. Take a look at your dab pen’s manual to check what type of battery as the battery capacity you have for your dab pen.

If you have different dab pens in your collection, you’ll notice that each dab pen has different battery capacities. For instance, the Yocan (R)Evolve Dab Pen has a 650mAh battery capacity while the Yocan Pandon Dab Pen has a 1300mAh capacity. In general, charging times for the batteries would be:

  • 650mAh: 1.5-2 hrs

  • 900mAh: 2-3 hrs

  • 1100mAh: 2.5-3.5 hrs

  • 1300mAh: 3-4 hrs

  • 1600mAh: 3.5-4 hrs

The longest charging time for a dab pen battery can last for 6-8 hours for a 1400mAh. Some attempt to shorten the battery life by using a 2A wall charger, which does the job, of course. However, there’s a down-side to that which we will discuss in the latter part of this blog post.

What type of battery does your dab pen have?

Most dab pens come with stick batteries, which means they are built in the device and non-removable. There are also other vape pens that come with removable 18650 batteries that allow you to use an external charger.

Built-in batteries

If your dab pen comes with non-removable stick batteries, you have to use the charger that comes with it for safe charging. They can come in ego-style 510 threaded cells just like the Dr. Dabber Aurora, or with a micro USB port like the Thisthingrips OG Four 2.0. A select few comes with a proprietary charger like the Quickdraw 300-DLX that has a magnetic charger that you also cannot use with other dab pens.

We highly advise that you use original chargers, especially for built-in batteries. They have a higher accuracy both in charging your dab pen as well as letting you know that your dab pen is done charging.

External batteries

For removable batteries, especially if you’re dealing with a double-battery unit, you should always use an external charger. Generally, 18650 batteries take about 1-3 hours to charge, depending on the external charger that you use. There are box mods that have removable batteries that advise against charging the battery through the vaping device.

You can do use the USB charger, of course, as there are many vapers who do that. However, external batteries last longer if you use external chargers with the right amp. Not only that, but this also preserves the electronics of your box mod.

Another reason is that 18650 batteries come in two types: protected and unprotected. Protected 18650 cells have a built-in circuit that protects against several conditions (overcharging, over-discharging) that can harm the battery. Unprotected ones, of course, don’t have that option, so you have to be careful to follow the recommended hours of charging based on the capacity of the battery.

What do you use when you charge your dab pen battery?

Dab pens come with their own USB charger that you can connect to your computer or USB for charging. These USB ports are usually less than 1A, which is the most that your dab pen can take while you charge. You can also use wall chargers provided that you strictly follow the 1A rule.

Now, we know that you want to get started on vaping and that 2A wall charger you got is calling out on you. It will and does shorten the charging time. However, that amperage is too high for your dab pen battery to take. It’s like turning on the faucet full blast to fill a mini wine bottle. That high energy delivery will eventually short your dab pen battery’s circuitry and shorten its battery life. Pretty soon you’ll notice that your dab pen battery’s not functioning as well as it used to.

For 18650 batteries, we’ve mentioned that external chargers are advised unless otherwise indicated. What’s good about external chargers is that they often come with smart charging options. They stop charging once the unit identifies that your battery’s fully charged. You don’t have to worry about overcharging your battery, especially when you forgot about it.

How long will one full charge last?

The length of time your battery will operate depends on three things: capacity, frequency of use, and operating temperature.

Battery life based on capacity

Low-capacity batteries need frequent charging compared to high-capacity charging. It’s like comparing how often you need to fill a 250mL glass compared to a 500mL one. Generally, based on capacity alone, the following is the average battery life of your dab pen:

  • 650 mAh: 4-5 hours

  • 1100mAh: 1 day of heavy use

  • 1300 mAh: No more than two days for heavy vaping

Frequency of use

Some dab pens have long standby times and can last for a day or two without use. Of course, that will shorten depending on your dabbing frequency. How often do you use your dab pen? Is it once or three times a day? Once every 2-3 days? How long does each session last?

As an example, let’s talk about the Dr. Dabber Aurora. Its 650mAh battery can last for 250-300 draws on average, which can last you for about a week if you’re a light or moderate dabber. Use it extensively, and your days between charging will naturally be shortened, give or take 3-4 days (or even less) on each charge.

The Yocan (R)Evolve

Dabbing temperature

Your dabbing temperature determines how hard your dab pen operates. Everything is chill and mellow when you vape in low temperatures. Go high, and your dab pen is working twice as hard to vaporize your concentrate. This means the higher the temperature, the higher the power demand.

Think about using an oven. Low temperatures don’t consume much electricity. Crank up the heat to 500 ⁰F, and watch your meter go crazy. It’s the same with dab pens. Let’s compare two dab pens of the same brand but with different battery capacity and temperature settings.

The Yocan (R)Evolve can last for 4-5 hours of continuous use or 350-450 hits, whichever comes first. That can last for a few days because the Yocan (R)Evolve has only one temperature setting on low. Now, let’s have a look at the Yocan Pandon Dab pen. It’s got a 1300mAh battery, which is twice as big as that of the (R)Evolve. However, unlike the (R)Evolve, the Pandon can go as high as 4.2V on a session. This means the Pandon can last for less than two days if you’re a heavy vaper.


How long does a dab pen take to charge? On average its about 2-4 hours if you use a 1A charger. Shortening the charging time is possible but not recommended because you can ruin the battery. Charging overnight is also not an option, especially for internal batteries since it can overheat. Only use standard or original chargers to ensure safe charging of your dab pen.

Now that you know long you need to charge your dab pen battery, click here to read our post on how to properly charge your dab pen. It may seem simple, but you have to watch out for the firing pin, especially with 510 threaded dab pens.

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