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Dab Pen vs Juul: Which One to Choose for Your Sesh

Dab Pen
Dab Pen vs Juul: Which One to Choose for Your Sesh
Recreational smoking continues to evolve each year. Along with your choices came the JUUL, which is a portable smoking device that came out in 2015. Let’s talk about the differences between dab pen vs juul and see which one will be the best for your recreational goals.

What is a dab pen, and a JUUL?

Dab pens allow you to consume concentrates. It takes away the bulky size of a dab rig and the need for a torch to enjoy your dabs. Dab pens are small in size, with the biggest ones almost a half-size bigger than a standard writing pen. It’s chargeable and can operate on one or several temperatures depending on the make and model.

Juul is a type of smoking device that came out to target young adults. The Juul is aimed to help tobacco smokers wean out of smoking, and but has caught the attention of those who don’t wish to smoke. It allows you to vape e-liquids placed in JUULpods that snap to the battery through a strong magnetic connection.

Size and design

Dab pens are commonly made with durable materials. The body is usually stainless steel, and the chamber can be made of ceramic or titanium. Often cylindrical in shape, some dab pens can hide in your breast pocket and you can use it discreetly in some concerts and lounges.

JUUL, in contrast, comes in a smaller, sleeker design. It’s so tiny and inconspicuous that you can take it with you almost anywhere. Unlike dab pens, you can put it inside the pocket of your jeans and no one will know you have it unless you pull it out and use it.

atmos kiln kit dab pen

Vaping mechanism

Dab pens have coiled or coilless chambers that you place your dab in to vaporize like the Atmos Kiln. Other dab pens like the O.penVAPE comes with a cartridge that you fill with liquefied concentrates using the included kit. You screw on the chamber/cartridge and then turn it on to vaporize your dabs.

JUULs contain pods filled with e-liquid that has the same amount of nicotine as a single cigarette. The pod comes with a wick at the bottom that heats up when you take a pull from the mouthpiece. Push the pod in the device and it will also serve as your mouthpiece for vaping.

Vaping medium

Dabs can be used for a variety of concentrates ranging from solid to highly-viscous oils. The JUUL, in comparison, only allows you to vaporize e-liquids that come in special proprietary pods. You have more flexibility in vaping options with a dab pen compared with a JUUL.

Vaping experience

The dab pen helps you customize your vaping experience based on temperature as well as the flavors. You get to enjoy the flavors of different strains of herbs in your dab pen and set the temperature according to your medication needs. You can get smooth dabs for subtle yet sure hits, or strong bold vapor full of flavor with a good punch.

The JUUL can only allow you to vape 6 different flavors of e-liquids that have 3%-5% nicotine concentrates. Some have a hard time adjusting to the JUUL because of the high nicotine content, which can be overwhelming for first-time vapers.

The ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0

Battery life

A dab pen’s battery capacity can range from 600mAh to 6500mAh which can last for hours depending on the temperature settings. The capacity is certainly big enough to give you long between standby hours, and there’s no need to charge frequently in between use.

The JUUL, on the other hand, has a 200 mAh capacity. You can charge it for an hour, and it’s ready to use. For several quick puffs, a 5-min charge for others is enough. It’s enough to consume one JUUL pod, which is about 200 puffs.

Ease of use

Dab pens require a bit of getting used to for you to use them intuitively. You use a tool to apply the dab on the heating element of your dab pen, and cycle the temperature to get the hits that you want.

The JUUL is beginner-friendly and straightforward. Just push in the JUULpod, take a pull from the mouthpiece, and it will start vaporizing the pod instantly.


Dab pens, depending on the brand and technology have a flexible price range. Our dab pens cost about $17.11-$115.52, which can cater to both beginners and experts.

JUUL is expensive right off the bat for beginners. A device kit costs $34.99, which contains your battery and USB charging dock. A starter kit that comes with a device, charging dock and four JUULpods can cost $49.99. Since you can only use dedicated pods with the JUUL, you have to purchase JULLpods that come in a pack of fours for $15.99. You also don’t have much flavor options when you order the packs. You either get 4 of the same flavor in a pack or 4 fixed flavors that you cannot customize when you order.

The JUUL is popular because of its portability, ease of use, and discreetness. However, compared to dab pens, they don’t have much in terms of flavor, hit delivery, and flexibility. Vaping should be a personal experience, and you can get more out of vaping if you can customize your sessions based on your needs.

Which one do you prefer and why? What makes the other stand out, and what makes you want to toss the other one out of the window? Please share your preference in the comment section!

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