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Do Dab Pens Smell?

Dab Pen
Do Dab Pens Smell?
Herbs give off a distinct smell even if you haven’t used them yet. They have that distinct, dank aroma that varies in intensity depending on the strain of the bud. You release the odor the moment you crumble it, especially once you smoke it from a blunt, pipe, or bong.

The odor diminishes yet remains when you use a dry herb vaporizer like the Storz & Bickel Plenty. Vapor is thinner compared to smoke, so it dissipates in the air quickly. Still, you get this distinct fruity smell that experienced herb users can tell.

Dabbing has helped lessen the smell considerably. Since you’re no longer dealing with combusting brown material, all you get is the pure essence of your concentrates. What you get is the smell of the terpenes which vary depending on the strain of your herb. The use of butane torch also contributes to the scent of your session.

Dab pens are now increasing in popularity because you can enjoy your dabs without using a torch. Not only is it a convenient and handy way of vaping, but it also helps you keep your sessions discreet. However, there will always be this one question that needs answering.

Use the Dr. Dabber Light

Do dab pens smell?

Contrary to what others will say, dab pens will still give off a scent when you use them. It won’t be as strong and as clingy as smoke, yes. However, the smell is still detectable, both on the vapor you inhale as well the dab pen itself. Bring the mouthpiece close to your nose, and you’ll be able to sniff the concentrate used in the dab pen.

However, the scent is not as dank as dried, cured herbs. What you get is a slight fresh scent that will only give the slightest hint of the concentrate that you used for vaping. Also, the smell can depend on both the strain as well as the concentrate that you used. Some concentrates have a stronger hint of smell compared to others.

Also, look closely at your vaping temperature. As a rule of thumb, low-temperature vaping releases thinner and more subtle scents compared to high-temperature vaping. You can use the Yocan (R)evolve and the Dr. Dabber Light for tasty vapor that’s thin, light, and have subtle scents.

Flavorless concentrates are better if you want to go “scentless” with your dab pen. Some disposable dab or vape pens come with different flavors such as grapes, strawberries, and mango. Vapers who use these dab pens find that scent is stronger and lingers more compared to traditional concentrates.

How long will the scent last?

Vapor compared to smoke is thinner and contains fewer particles due to the absence of combusted material. As a result, the mist dissipates in the air faster and doesn’t cling to your clothes, furniture, or any absorbent surface.
Dab pen vapor can linger in the air for a good 5-10 minutes, especially in enclosed spaces. If you’re going to visit mom or dad, or your favorite aunt, you may want to wait a good 10 minutes before you hug them. This will give the vapor enough time to thin out from your breath and clothes.

The lingering time, as well as smell intensity, may increase also depending on the humidity. Because vapor is mostly made of water, it will cling to the air more if the humidity is high. The scent is also more pronounced compared to dry air.

Can dogs smell dab pens?

Remember that dogs have a highly sensitive sense of smell. If you want to keep from alerting any expert canine buddies, don’t travel with a used pen. Bear in mind that concentrates are what give dab pens their scent.

How a dog detects the smell of dab pens depends on how the dog’s training as well as its nose receptors. A highly trained dog can smell a dab pen and have a number of ways to alert its handler. Even if you place the dab pen inside a sealed bag, there’s a high chance that the dog will smell your dab pen.

How to lessen dab pen smell in a room

There are several ways for you to reduce the amount of odor your dab pen releases when you use it.

  • Vape in large spaces – smaller spaces have lesser air, so there’s nothing to help thin out your vapor.

  • Open the windows – the better air circulation your room has, the faster the smell will disappear.

  • Turn on and swing the fan – Turn on a fan and let it rotate or oscillate while you do your dabs. With the window open, the circulating air will help disperse vapor and force it out of the room faster.

  • Clean your dab pen – dab pens smell mostly because of left-over concentrate or resin that is stuck inside the coils or mouthpiece. Clean your dab pen regularly to eliminate any residue that can emit smoke or scent due to intense heat.

  • Get an air purifier – air purifiers take out impurities from the air, and that can include the vaporized concentrates from your dab pen. Turn your air purifier on while you vape to help minimize the smell.

Vaping with dab pens is one of the discreet ways of getting medicated without alerting too many people of what you’re doing. Depending on how you use it, you won’t necessarily alert everyone in your apartment complex or home that you’re enjoying a session or two.

We got several dab pens in our collection that can help you reach your goal of discreet vaping. If you have any questions about our dab pens, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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