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How to Know When to Refill Dab Pen

Dab Pen
How to Know When to Refill Dab Pen
Now that you got your dab pen from BigDaddySmoke, it’s time to fire it up and enjoy! You already know how to load your dab pen. Now, we’ll talk about how to know when you need to refill it without unscrewing the mouthpiece.

Look at the cartridge

Some dab pens like the O.penvape FIY Dab Pen Kit have cartridges that you fill with liquified concentrates. When you see that there’s only a thin film of liquid left at the bottom of the cartridge, load any left-over prepared concentrate or mix a new batch. Don’t try to milk the chamber for what it’s worth. Unfortunately, you simply cannot vape that remaining film of e-liquid no matter what you do. Save yourself and your dab pen from pain and refill the cartridge.

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL Dab Pen

There’s a sudden drop in vapor production

You’re enjoying clouds and clouds of vapor when suddenly can’t get any vapor out of your dab pen. You know that you’re batteries have enough juice because the light on your power button is still steady and bright. You can then unscrew the mouthpiece and continue enjoying your dab pen by reloading it with concentrate.

The flavor slowly diminishes

Dab pens mostly come with ceramic or quartz rods wrapped in titanium wire for fast heat up and high-temperature capacity. The result is a vapor full of flavor, and you can really taste your concentrates. As you consume your concentrates, there’s less and less material to vaporize, and you’ll gradually notice the vapor going bland. In some cases, you’ll even taste a bit of burnt flavor in your vape.

You’re not feeling the effects

The hits that you get from your dabs is directly proportional to the amount of concentrate you have in your chamber. The more concentrates you vaporize, the more you will feel the effects. A waning medicated feel from your dab pen means your chamber is slowly getting empty.

For ease and convenience, some dab pens have a transparent reaction chamber that allows you to see how vapor forms in your dab pen. Get the ThisThingRips R Series 2 Dax Pen so that you can see if your dab pen is producing vapor or not.

We do not advise repeated removal and reattachment of the mouthpiece to check if you still have enough dab. This action will only wear out the thread of your dab pen faster. Watch out for the signs we mentioned, and observe how your dab pen functions. Remember that a lower temperature setting lets you enjoy your dabs longer. A higher setting will mean you will consume more concentrates faster so you’ll be reloading your chamber frequently.

How do you use your dab pen and how long does it take before it gets empty? Share your experience as well as your questions about using our dab pens in our comment section!

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